Georgia Cotton: Plenty Of Decisions Ahead In Worth County Jul 29, 2019

🕔Jul 29, 2019
We have intensively scouted numerous cotton fields over the past few weeks. Obviously, we are finding a wide range of planting dates and age groups within the same field due […]

Virginia Cotton: Managing Pix and Plant Bugs Jun 19, 2018

🕔Jun 19, 2018
Three consecutive days of temperatures into the mid-90’s are going to make any rainfall we get quite welcomed between now and Wednesday or Thursday. Cotton fields that were not pounded […]

Virginia Cotton: Good Growth, Heavy Fruitload; What to Do About Pix? Jul 12, 2017

🕔Jul 12, 2017
Each year our crops have specific characteristics that make it unique and we have to make decisions before we know how it will all play out. The common situation across […]

Virginia Cotton: Pix, Boron Becoming Priority, Insect Issues Remain Low Jul 7, 2017

🕔Jul 7, 2017
Good general rainfall averages from around a half inch to over 3 inches in some spots are going to make decisions regarding growth regulators much simpler. Some cotton is over […]

Texas Blacklands Cotton: Plenty of Moisture; Bollworm Egg Lay – CORRECTION Jul 7, 2017

🕔Jul 7, 2017
Editor’s Note: Please excuse the mistakes, and see the following for a corrections to last week’s newsletter: “Square and boll retention could be affected by cloudy weather”: cloudy skies only affect square retention, […]

Virginia Cotton: Cindy May Not Bring as Much Rain as Feared Jun 23, 2017

🕔Jun 23, 2017
Here at the end of a moisture restoring week, we Ag folks are looking at the current weather forecast hoping to miss this next chance of rain for the weekend. […]

Virginia Cotton: Herbicide and Fertilizer Applications Jun 8, 2017

🕔Jun 8, 2017
We are having a nice spell of weather that should be quite comfortable over the next several days.  This will offer some opportunity to spray Dual or Warrant with the […]

Virginia Cotton: Do 2 Half Chances of Rain Make a Whole Chance? Jul 14, 2016

🕔Jul 14, 2016
The heat is on for a couple of days and the areas that seem like they have good soil moisture are shrinking quickly.  There is nothing like a 100 degrees to […]

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