Ohio Wheat: Head Scab Risk Has Increased Across State Jun 1, 2022

🕔Jun 1, 2022
Due largely to rainfall, high relative humidity, and warmer temperatures over the last several days, the risk for head scab is now moderate across most of the state of Ohio, […]

Ohio Wheat: Low Head Scab Risk May 24, 2022

🕔May 24, 2022
Wheat is, or will soon be, flowering in parts of central and northern Ohio. After a relatively slow start to the season, several days of warm weather caused the crop […]

Ohio Corn: Low Vomitoxin Levels Could Change with Rain, Delayed Harvest Oct 29, 2021

🕔Oct 29, 2021
After walking more than 40 corn fields and sampling more than 3,500 ears, we believe that Gibberella ear rot (GER), and consequently, vomitoxin levels likely will be much lower this […]

Ohio Corn: Harvesting Fields with Moldy Leaves and Stubble Oct 19, 2021

🕔Oct 19, 2021
Dark Dust Clouds During Harvest There have been reports of huge dust clouds blowing up behind combines during harvest. It is certainly not uncommon to see dust during harvest as […]

Ohio Corn: Foliar Diseases May Affect Stalk Strength and Quality Sep 14, 2021

🕔Sep 14, 2021
Causes of Stalk Rot Several factors may contribute to stalk rot, including extreme weather conditions, inadequate fertilization, problems with nutrient uptake, insects, and diseases. This year, the combined effects of […]

Ohio Corn: Diagnosis of Tar Spot Late in the Season Sep 14, 2021

🕔Sep 14, 2021
Understandably, tar spot has been the focus of our attention this year, as it has been detected in more than 20 counties. It is a disease that is relatively easy […]

Ohio Wheat: Late Harvest, Grain Quality Concerns Jul 23, 2021

🕔Jul 23, 2021
Most of the winter wheat in Ohio has been harvested. However, persistent wet weather has delayed harvest in some areas of the state. Late harvest coupled with excessive rainfall means […]

Ohio: Wheat Between Feekes 8-10 and Disease Concerns May 4, 2021

🕔May 4, 2021
Wheat is now between Feekes 8 (flag leaf emergence) and Feekes 10 (boot) across the state. Feekes 8 marks the beginning of the period during which we recommend that you […]

Ohio Wheat: Growth Stages, Associated Management – Feekes 6.0-9.0 Mar 16, 2021

🕔Mar 16, 2021
It is important to correctly identify winter wheat growth stages to enhance management decisions, avoiding damage to the crop and unwarranted or ineffective applications. Remember, exact growth stage cannot be […]

Ohio Corn: Stalk Rots Showing Up in Some Fields Oct 21, 2020

🕔Oct 21, 2020
Corn harvest is progressing very slowly across the state as the crop is taking unusually long to dry down this year. The longer the crop stays in the field, there […]

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