Alabama Peanuts: Planting Date, Seeding Rate Impacts on Disease, Yield Apr 6, 2016

🕔Apr 6, 2016
Seed accounts for up to 20% of variable production costs for peanut. Seed costs are especially high for larger seeded varieties such as Georgia-06G and Florida-07 where 140 pounds per […]

Georgia Peanuts: 4 Disease, Nematode Issues to Consider Before Planting Mar 22, 2016

🕔Mar 22, 2016
Though still approximately 6 weeks away from the general start of the planting season, there are issues regarding management of diseases and nematodes affecting peanut that deserve attention now. 1. […]

Virginia Peanuts: Considerations for the Upcoming Season Mar 10, 2016

🕔Mar 10, 2016
As we are getting close to a new peanut season, I thought you might want to know in summary what peanut “pointers” in the region and beyond are envisioning for […]

Peanuts: Clemson Researcher Revives Nearly Extinct Cultivar Feb 25, 2016

🕔Feb 25, 2016
Clemson University researcher Brian Ward has revived the South’s ancestral peanut, successfully germinating nearly 1 million Carolina African runner seeds from just 20. The heirloom crop offers a niche but […]

South Carolina: Peanut Production Guide Now Available Feb 9, 2016

🕔Feb 9, 2016
Peanuts are growing in popularity and Clemson University has several tools that can help South Carolina peanut producers grow a profitable 2016 crop. Among these tools is the 2016 Peanut […]

Florida Peanuts: With Tight Margins, Points To Consider Feb 5, 2016

🕔Feb 5, 2016
The predictions for 2016 crop prices are, let’s just say, less than ideal. In years like this there is a natural tendency for farmers to look for corners to cut, […]

Virginia: 2015 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Report Jan 27, 2016

🕔Jan 27, 2016
Due to suitability to the environmental conditions and existence of a strong peanut industry tailored to process primarily the large-seeded Virginia-type peanut, growers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina […]

Florida: Suwanee Valley Field Day, Live Oak, Aug. 17 Jul 30, 2015

🕔Jul 30, 2015
Farmers interested in row crops are invited to the Suwanee Valley Agricultural Extension Center on Monday evening, Aug. 17, to learn about best management practices. “During this field day, we […]

Georgia Peanuts: Nematode Resistant Variety Performing Well Jul 14, 2015

🕔Jul 14, 2015
Georgia-14N is a high yielding, medium-seeded, high-oleic runner-type peanut cultivar with resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus and root-know nematode.

South Carolina Peanuts: 4 Planting FAQs May 6, 2015

🕔May 6, 2015
A number of growers have begun planting peanuts.  Clemson’s interim peanut specialist, Jay Chapin, has put together some info based on some some questions he’s received recently. A FEW PLANTING TIME […]

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