Minnesota: Evaluating Spring Phosphorus Availability

🕔Feb 13, 2018Phosphorus is an essential element for crops, especially in the spring because it stimulates early plant growth, giving the plant a healthy and vigorous start. Spring phosphorus availability can range […]

Minnesota: 5 Best Practices for Late Fall Fertilizer Management

🕔Dec 7, 2017Late fall can present challenges when it comes to fertilizer application. If you don’t apply fertilizer at the right time in the fall, you risk loss of nutrients via runoff. […]

Minnesota Corn: Post-Tassel Nitrogen Applications – Are They Worth It?

🕔Aug 11, 2017Optimal nutrient application timing can be hard to nail down. Should you apply everything at the beginning of the season? Sidedress? If so, when? Many people wonder about nitrogen applications […]

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