Louisiana: Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training, Crowley, April 6 Mar 24, 2022

🕔Mar 24, 2022
The Acadia Parish LSU AgCenter will host a private pesticide applicator certification on April 6th.  This is not a recertification but an actual training to obtain a private pesticide applicator […]

Alabama Cotton: Gramoxone – A Good Substitute for Glyphosate? Mar 18, 2022

🕔Mar 18, 2022
Due to the high price and short supply of glyphosate, many row crop growers are interested in using Gramoxone or generic paraquat products to burndown cover crops and winter weeds […]

Arkansas: Burndown Herbicide Selection Amid High Prices, Product Shortages Feb 8, 2022

🕔Feb 8, 2022
No doubt 2022, like most years, will offer a new set of challenges or problems that farmers will face in terms of setting priorities and making difficult management decisions. High […]

Rice: Research Quantifies Effects of Paraquat Drift Jul 22, 2021

🕔Jul 22, 2021
Researchers are learning how to manage rice fields when paraquat drifts onto them early and late in the season, but what impact this herbicide has on grain quality and what […]

Iowa Farmer Sues Over Paraquat Exposure – DTN May 20, 2021

🕔May 20, 2021
An Iowa farmer is the latest producer to file a class-action lawsuit arguing that Syngenta and Chevron USA failed to notify users of the alleged dangers of using paraquat-based pesticides, […]

Paraquat: EPA Issues Interim Registration – DTN Oct 23, 2020

🕔Oct 23, 2020
EPA released a flurry of interim registration decisions for 13 pyrethroid insecticides and one herbicide, paraquat, on Thursday morning. The decisions remain interim and not finalized, as the agency still […]

Louisiana: Paraquat and Pre-Certification Training Aug 25, 2020

🕔Aug 25, 2020
It’s that time of year when producers are starting to desiccate soybeans to aid in harvesting. The product that many producers use is paraquat. As many of you should be […]

Tennessee: Management of Grass Escapes from Paraquat Burndown May 22, 2020

🕔May 22, 2020
Recent burndowns that are targeting Palmer amaranth with paraquat are working quite well on that weed.  Unfortunately, that is not the case on some grass weeds like barnyardgrass, junglerice and […]

Michigan: New Rules for Using Paraquat Mar 27, 2020

🕔Mar 27, 2020
Growers using paraquat need to be aware of new requirements issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Herbicide Rule Changes – Hoops You’ll Have To Jump Through Mar 7, 2020

🕔Mar 7, 2020
This year, more training will be required and for a wider range of herbicides. If you haven’t versed yourself on what’s needed, here’s a quick overview. Keep in mind, too, […]

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