5 Tips for Designing On-Farm Field Trials

🕔Apr 16, 2019With planting season right around the corner, many farmers are looking at designing on-farm trials in some of their fields. Here are a few pointers to help ensure that you […]

10 Steps for Conducting Your Own On-Farm Trials

🕔Mar 14, 2019On-farm trials are an easy way for farmers to learn how practices, products and equipment will work in their cropping systems. The concept of on-farm trials has been around for decades, […]

10 Steps for Conducting Your Own On-Farm Research

🕔Feb 21, 2019Throughout the year, farmers listen to numerous agronomists, researches, economists, retailers, marketers and other farmers talk about the latest research, information and practices that can help their farms become more […]

Mississippi: Furrow Irrigated Rice – On-Farm Yield, Water Use Evaluations

🕔Feb 4, 2019Bill O’Neal of Allendale Planting Company in Shelby decided to plant furrow irrigated rice om some variable grade, hilly fields on the Delta riverside. Here are his results.

Nebraska Soybean Seeding Rates: On-Farm Research Lessons

🕔Apr 9, 2018It’s a common question for soybean growers, especially as they try to reduce input costs: Can I reduce soybean planting populations and still maintain yield? For 11 years participants in […]

Setting Up Your Own On-Farm Field Trial – The Dos and Don’ts

🕔Jul 10, 2017Higher yields, greater efficiency, reduced environmental impact! This may sound like a used-car dealership sales pitch, but it could represent the objectives that make an operation sustainable. Increasingly, farmers are […]

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