California Olives: New Process Removes Bitterness without the Waste

🕔Jan 30, 2019Olives are staples of the Mediterranean diet, which has been linked to a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions. However, freshly picked olives are very bitter […]

California Olive Ranch Marks 20 Years with Largest Olive Tree Planting in State

🕔Aug 15, 2018California Olive Ranch, the pioneers of premium and affordable extra virgin olive oil, celebrates their 20th anniversary with an announcement of the largest olive tree planting in California and the […]

California Almonds: Changes in Cropping and Irrigation Patterns

🕔Sep 23, 2016How have the cropping patterns changed in the northern Sacramento Valley? The most recent land use surveys by the California Department of Water Resources indicate approximately 982,500 acres of irrigated […]

California Olives: New Disease – Knowns, Unknowns

🕔Jul 18, 2016Earlier this spring, oil olives with severe defoliation in San Joaquin county were sent in for diagnosis by UC Plant PathologistFlorent Trouillas. He has isolated a putative pathogen, Neofabraea species. In addition […]

California Olives: Weevil Likely Culprit In Leaf Damage In Tulare County

🕔Jul 9, 2016In June 2016, olive growers in Tulare County inquired about leaf damage that appeared to be caused by insect feeding, but no pests were directly observed.  Affected leaves tended to […]

Texas: Olive Production, Management Seminar, San Antonio, Nov. 30

🕔Nov 3, 2015The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will present an Olive Production and Management Seminar Nov. 30 in San Antonio. Registration is from 9:30-10 a.m. and the seminar from 10 a.m.-4 […]

California: Monsoon Moisture Feeding from the Gulf – USDA

🕔Sep 1, 2015WEATHER Temperatures were once again hotter than normal this week, 70s-80s in the mountains with highs in the 70s to 90s along the coast from north to south, 80s-90s in […]

Louisiana: LSU Begins Field Evaluation of 15 Olive Varieties

🕔May 22, 2015The past 10 years have seen increased interest in growing olive trees in the southeastern United States. In Louisiana, a number of individuals and businesses have planted a few olive […]

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