Ag Trade: New Legislation Looks to Fix Ocean Carrier Problems – DTN Jun 29, 2021

🕔Jun 29, 2021
Ocean carriers would be required to accept all U.S. export container bookings under bipartisan legislation proposed by John Garamendi, D-Calif., and Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., and being drafted by members of […]

Ag Trade: Groups Seek Federal Intervention Against Unfair Ocean Carriers – DTN May 11, 2021

🕔May 11, 2021
Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance (SSGA), on their website, recently wrote that, “For more than six months, U.S. ag exporters, including SSGA members who supply Identity Preserved (IP) soya and […]

Ag Trade: How Has the Suez Canal Blockage Affected Ag Markets? Mar 29, 2021

ship export trade
🕔Mar 29, 2021
Last week, New York Times writers Vivian Yee and Peter S. Goodman reported that, “Trying to convey the sheer scale of the nearly quarter-mile-long container ship that has been stuck in the Suez […]

Ag Trade: USA Rice Brings Attention to Global Shipping Woes Mar 17, 2021

🕔Mar 17, 2021
Agricultural transportation disruptions continue to persist here and in the Gulf of Mexico due to widespread container and port crew shortages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is leaving […]

Farm Exports to China Surge, Logistical Concerns Over Shipping Containers Mar 11, 2021

🕔Mar 11, 2021
Wall Street Journal writer Jesse Newman reported on Wednesday that, “China is once again the U.S.’s chief customer for agricultural goods, three years after the start of a bruising trade war that prompted […]

U.S. Ag Exporters Come Up Empty – DTN Jan 28, 2021

🕔Jan 28, 2021
While U.S. agricultural exports rose in the second half of the year, there is mounting evidence that shipping companies are leaving U.S. ports and returning to Asia with empty cargo […]

Moving Grain: FMC Commissioners Urge Ocean Carriers To Carry U.S. Exports Jan 8, 2021

🕔Jan 8, 2021
FMC Commissioners Urge Ocean Carriers To Carry U.S. Exports On December 16, Federal Maritime Commissioners (FMC) Carl W. Bentzel and Daniel B. Maffei sent a letter to the World Shipping […]

Moving Grain: Shippers Ask FMC To Publish Container Availability Rule Apr 3, 2020

🕔Apr 3, 2020
Shippers Ask FMC To Publish Container Availability Rule On March 16, a group of 67 trade associations sent a letter asking the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) chairman to finalize and […]

Supply Chains: Winter of Discontent – DTN Feb 28, 2020

🕔Feb 28, 2020
Imagine you are a freight provider — a trucker, say — and the demand for your services is so poor that the market’s freight rates have not only dropped to […]

Moving Grain: Bulk Ocean Freight Rates Start Year with Softer Tone Jan 9, 2020

🕔Jan 9, 2020
Bulk Ocean Freight Rates Started Year 2020 With a Softer Tone Ocean freight rates for shipping bulk grains fell during the first week of the year, compared to the previous […]

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