Cleveland On Cotton: Bearish Reports – But It Could Have Been Worse

🕔Aug 10, 2018Hold on. Wait a minute. The expected bullish supply demand report had bear tracks all over it. New crop was bigger than expected, old crop exports failed to materialize and […]

Cotton Teleconference: Market Reports, Trade Tariffs, and West Texas Weather, Aug. 13

🕔Aug 9, 2018Dr. O. A. Cleveland,  Mississippi State University, economics professor emeritus and cotton marketing specialist, will lead the cotton market discussion.  The broadcast will take place on Monday, August 13 at […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Selloff Today, but it’s Not About Tariffs

🕔Aug 3, 2018Wow, it is already August and time for the market’s lazy lethargically dog days of trading. Yet, with 90 cents on the horizon that is the furthest thing from trader’s […]

Cotton Market Roundtable Teleconference, July 27

🕔Jul 24, 2018The Ag Market Network will once again hold its annual New York Cotton Market Roundtable at the New York Stock Exchange. The event is scheduled for July 27, starting at 7:30 a.m. Central. […]

Cleveland on Cotton: ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Trek to Higher Prices

🕔Jul 20, 2018The 1981 hit Don’t Stop Believin’ had to be penned for cotton growers. Now is the time. Cotton demand is at an historic high, world supplies are headed lower for […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Second Chances; Demand Remains Strong

🕔Jul 13, 2018The prior week we discussed the second chances the market typically provides growers. This year was no different as this week’s trading action provided those that missed out on the […]

Cotton Teleconference: Market Reports, Trade Sanctions and That West Texas Weather

🕔Jul 11, 2018John Robinson, Texas A&M cotton marketing specialist, extension specialist, will lead the market discussion during the upcoming Ag Market Network teleconference, set for Friday, July 13, at 7:30 a.m. central time. Topics […]

Cleveland on Cotton: The Age of Natural Fiber Has Returned

🕔Jul 6, 2018They finally did it. The Chinese enacted the most bullish scenario possible for cotton, save that of mandating every person in the country buy a new cotton shirt. Too, for […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Tariff Talk, Weather and Defending the 80s

🕔Jul 2, 2018After some two months of moving to the upside cotton prices are now on the defense while attempting to hold the important 83-84 cent major support level. The next major […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Think Profit Target – Not Price Target

🕔Jun 22, 2018The musical world told the story of cotton trading this week…low low prices and no high prices:  The lyric “It’s all about the bass, no treble” told the full story.  There was nary a high […]

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