Hunting for Better Prices? Consider Specialty Crops. – DTN Dec 6, 2019

🕔Dec 6, 2019
When commodity prices are stuck in the little-to-no-profit zone, it just makes sense to search for new crops with higher return potential. Five years ago, Annette and Bruce Wiles chose […]

Agriculture – What’s in Store for 2019? – DTN Jan 7, 2019

🕔Jan 7, 2019
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, it seems natural to catch breath, take stock and think about the challenges ahead. So we asked the team of […]

Farming Sorghum: Food-Grade, Drought Resistant – 7 Cautionary Tips – DTN Aug 30, 2018

🕔Aug 30, 2018
Peter Fleming looks for crops that can maximize profits even in drought. That’s one reason the North Carolina grower turned to sorghum, a crop University of Tennessee crop marketing specialist […]

Rising Demand for Organic and Non-GMO Grains Outpaces U.S. Production Feb 13, 2017

🕔Feb 13, 2017
Increasing consumer demand for organic and non-GMO foods led to a sharp rise in organic grain imports in 2016–prompting food manufacturers to explore new incentives for U.S. growers transitioning to […]

Organic Farmers’ Numbers are Growing, So are the Rules – DTN Jan 20, 2017

🕔Jan 20, 2017
Farmers considering a switch or transition to organic crops have a lot to read right now if they want to keep pace with changes happening in the industry. Several changes […]

U.S. Organic Ag Not Meeting Demand – DTN Nov 17, 2016

🕔Nov 17, 2016
Organic and non-GMO sales in the U.S. amount to chicken feed, but that chicken feed is increasingly imported because U.S. farmers aren’t in a position to fill demand for certified […]

Farm Groups Call Out: Food Industry’s Non-GMO Move Based on Profits, Consumer Ignorance Oct 28, 2016

🕔Oct 28, 2016
Farm groups defending biotechnology are making it clear they have drawn a line in the sand against companies that convert product lines to non-GMO crops in the name of “sustainability.” […]

Cargill Steps into Non-GMO Project, Cane Sugar Included Oct 11, 2016

🕔Oct 11, 2016
Cargill, established 150 years ago by William Wallace Cargill, has announced that 3 of its food ingredients are part of the Non-GMO Project Verification.   Cargill’s erythritol, cane sugar and high oleic […]

Cargill Announces Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredients Oct 6, 2016

🕔Oct 6, 2016
As demand for non-GMO food rises, Cargill has for the first time taken the step to gain Non-GMO Project Verification for three of its food ingredients. Cargill’s erythritol, cane sugar […]

Bunge Unveils Non-GMO Project Verified Milled Corn Ingredients and Oils Jul 18, 2016

🕔Jul 18, 2016
Bunge will ntroduce Non-GMO Project Verified milled corn ingredients and Non-GMO Project Verified oils at the annual IFT (Institute of Food Technologists this week in Chicago. Bunge will also feature its broader collection […]

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