Minnesota Corn: Maximum Return To Nitrogen Approach to N Rate Guidelines – Podcast Jan 25, 2022

🕔Jan 25, 2022
In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, four U of M researchers discuss the Maximum Return To Nitrogen (MRTN) approach to corn N rate guidelines. What is the MRTN and why […]

Minnesota: Nitrogen, Nutrient Management Conferences, Feb. 8, 15 Dec 3, 2021

🕔Dec 3, 2021
The 14th annual Nutrient Management Conference and the 8th annual Nitrogen Conference will be available in-person and online February 2022. The Nutrient Management Conference will be on February 8th in Mankato while the […]

Illinois: Nitrogen Fertilizer Strategies for 2022 Dec 1, 2021

🕔Dec 1, 2021
Nitrogen fertilizer prices continue to surge, leading to difficult decisions for farmers. Herein, we discuss some strategies for dealing with higher nitrogen fertilizer prices. All these strategies carry risks. Therefore, […]

Kentucky Wheat: Study Monitors Yield Response to Nitrogen Nov 24, 2021

🕔Nov 24, 2021
Recent fertilizer retail price surveys still show ongoing N fertilizer price increases, especially for urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solutions, which are important fertilizer N sources for Kentucky wheat producers. The […]

Alabama Cotton: Yield Response to Different Nitrogen Rates Nov 24, 2021

🕔Nov 24, 2021
Nitrogen (N) is the most required nutrient for most row crops. However, N rate and application timing represent a challenging decision. Different varieties, soil types, yield potential, nitrogen sources, soil […]

Ohio Corn: Implications of High N Prices on Fertilizer Recommendations Nov 23, 2021

🕔Nov 23, 2021
Nitrogen fertilizer is a major cost in corn production and is a big lever that drives yield. However, not every pound of N fertilizer yields the same return on investment. […]

Tennessee: Integrating Cover Crops in Nitrogen Management Nov 18, 2021

🕔Nov 18, 2021
Cover crops can supply nitrogen (N) to the soil for the subsequent cash crops and this nitrogen credit may be successfully integrated into N management. The challenging question is how […]

Minnesota Corn: High Nitrogen Costs – 5 Considerations for Next Season Nov 10, 2021

🕔Nov 10, 2021
There has been a lot of media coverage recently about rising fertilizer prices. A recent survey of dealers in south-central Minnesota showed the price of anhydrous ammonia ranging from $1250 […]

Indiana Corn: Nitrogen Management Guidelines Nov 4, 2021

🕔Nov 4, 2021
This report summarizes corn yield response to fertilizer nitrogen (N) rate in field-scale trials conducted around the state of Indiana since 2006. These results are applicable to N management programs […]

Wheat: Rethink Fall N Applications – DTN Nov 1, 2021

🕔Nov 1, 2021
With nitrogen supplies tight and costs skyrocketing, there’s never been a better year to take advantage of wheat’s minimal fertilizer needs in the fall. Take it from Marc Arnusch, a […]

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