Arkansas Rice: Midseason Nitrogen Timing, Scouting for Leaf Blast Jun 25, 2022

🕔Jun 25, 2022
Who needs a little relief from this heat wave?  That was a rhetorical question.  The rice is loving it, so long as you can keep the water to it.  It […]

Ohio Corn: Management Considerations with Excessive Water Jun 22, 2022

🕔Jun 22, 2022
Excess water challenges plant growth and fitness in farming systems. Depending on the geography, dramatic fluctuations and extremes in weather patterns have been experienced in Ohio, the US, and other […]

Arkansas Rice: Time to Give It the Gas; Tips on Preflood Nitrogen Management Jun 13, 2022

🕔Jun 13, 2022
If you’re tired of the weather curveballs this spring (and this week), you’re about to get straight gas next week.  Overall, the rice crop seems to be enjoying the mild […]

Farming for a Better Climate – Optimize Your Nitrogen Management Strategies Jun 4, 2022

🕔Jun 4, 2022
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, soil management practices contribute 68% of total agriculture industry greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Tillage and nutrient management influence microbial interactions which cause […]

Tennessee Corn: Estimating Nitrogen Loss from Wet Weather Jun 1, 2022

🕔Jun 1, 2022
Rainfall amount and intensity, soil temperature and texture, fertilizer source and application date can have an impact on potential N loss.

Mississippi Corn: How Important Is Timing of Tassel Applications? May 31, 2022

🕔May 31, 2022
Mississippi’s corn crop is spread out across a considerable range of planting dates, with early fields approaching tassel. We know that corn is most sensitive to environmental stress at tasseling […]

Arkansas Rice: Nitrogen Management, Preparing for Flood/Irrigation May 28, 2022

🕔May 28, 2022
Survey says – 90% planted.  Given the rain events last Saturday and then again Tuesday/Wednesday, we more or less jumped to 100% planted without dropping a seed.  Of course, there […]

Ohio Corn: Update of Nitrogen Recommendations May 24, 2022

🕔May 24, 2022
This article provides an updated Maximum Return to Nitrogen Rate recommendation table for corn planted after soybean. Table 1 and 2 were previously published in the 2021 CORN newsletter here. There […]

Florida Cotton: Study Aims to Improve Nitrogen Rate Guidelines May 23, 2022

🕔May 23, 2022
Great news for all of our Florida cotton producers: the nitrogen (N) rate project has started! The UF/IFAS cotton recommendation is 60 units of nitrogen, which has been argued by […]

Arkansas Rice: Planting Nearly Finished, Be Prepared to Cut Levees with Upcoming Rains May 23, 2022

🕔May 23, 2022
The end is near!  For rice planting that is.  The state was reported as 76% planted as of 5/16, but I would wager we were even further along than that […]

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