Illinois: Production from Double-Crop Soybean Rotations May 18, 2022

🕔May 18, 2022
For 2023, growing wheat followed by soybeans (wheat-double-crop-soybeans) currently is projected to be more profitable than growing either corn or soybeans, particularly in southern Illinois. Much of the higher projected […]

Corn, Soybeans: Prevent Plant Policy Options May 17, 2022

🕔May 17, 2022
As discussed in the May 4, 2022 farmdoc daily, crop insurance’s prevent plant provision has the potential to notably reduce planted acres if planting is delayed by weather until prevent plant’s first […]

Biden Proposals to Incentivize Increased U.S. Ag Production Due to Ukraine-Russia Conflict May 11, 2022

🕔May 11, 2022
Update 5/11/22: The $500 million to incentivize production of food commodities was dropped from the larger aid package soon after this article was published. The important policy considerations related to […]

Corn, Soybeans: Prevent Plant and 2022 Acres – A Looming Issue May 6, 2022

🕔May 6, 2022
Smaller than expected South American soybean production, the Ukrainian-Russian War, and little-to-no expected increase in US principal crop acres in 2022 has created a tight supply-demand situation for grains and […]

Corn, Soybeans: Review of Prevented Plant Decisions for 2022 May 6, 2022

🕔May 6, 2022
Although planting progress can quickly catch up to average levels with favorable weather, planting progress to date lags across the Corn Belt, almost matching the pace in 2019 when many […]

World Grain, Oilseed Production – How Has the U.S. Share Changed? May 4, 2022

🕔May 4, 2022
A topic of discussion has been the declining U.S. share of crop exports.  The more relevant question is, “How has the U.S. share of aggregate world grain and oilseed production […]

Agricultural Carbon Markets: A Case Study of Alberta Apr 29, 2022

🕔Apr 29, 2022
As carbon markets develop in the United States, review of established carbon markets in other countries can help address challenges. We provide a case study of the carbon offset market […]

Potential Disruptions in Nitrogen Fertilizer Trade Apr 27, 2022

🕔Apr 27, 2022
Most nitrogen fertilizers likely are in place for the 2022 production of spring crops in North America, albeit at much higher prices than in 2021. However, the continuing Ukraine-Russia war […]

Illinois: Corn Projected More Profitable than Soybeans Well into June Apr 22, 2022

🕔Apr 22, 2022
We examine the expected returns from planting corn and soybeans by date in Central Illinois. Corn is projected to be more profitable than soybeans from April through June 10 by […]

Illinois Crop Budgets: Projected Profits Even with Record Costs Apr 14, 2022

🕔Apr 14, 2022
Illinois crop budgets for 2022 have been revised from their December release. Projected costs have been raised for 2022, and corn and soybean costs are at their highest in history. […]

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