Tennessee Soybeans: Neonics Provide Value to Mid-South Production May 12, 2016

🕔May 12, 2016
Neonicotinoid seed treatments provide significant economic benefits in Mid-South soybean production, according to a 10-year study conducted by scientists from four universities.

Pesticide Resistance: Thrips Show Resistance to Neonic Seed Treatments May 9, 2016

🕔May 9, 2016
Tobacco thrips, Frankliniella fusca, are seedling pests of peanut, soybean, and cotton throughout the southern USA. The adults and larvae feed on the developing leaves, causing injury during the very […]

Soybeans: Neonic Seed Treatments Increase Yields in the South Apr 19, 2016

🕔Apr 19, 2016
Scientists from Mississippi State University have found that treating soybean seeds with neonicotinoid pesticides (imidacloprid or thiamethoxam) provides higher yields in southern U.S. states. The results of their study, which […]

Neonic Dust: More Legal Problems, Rules in 6 States Plus Canada – DTN Mar 22, 2016

🕔Mar 22, 2016
Recent legal action has put neonicotinoids in the spotlight once again. This week, Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture compensated two beekeepers after investigators found that neonicotinoid-filled dust from a neighboring cornfield […]

Neonic Seed Treatment: Ag Groups Back EPA Stance – DTN Mar 18, 2016

🕔Mar 18, 2016
Several major agricultural groups have opted to join a legal battle over neonicotinoid seed treatments and support the Environmental Protection Agency’s motion to dismiss the case originally brought by environmental […]

Cotton Industry Disputes EPA Ruling on Neonicotinoid – DTN Jan 7, 2016

🕔Jan 7, 2016
The cotton industry is feeling the sting after the EPA concluded that the use of a popular neonicotinoid insecticide in cotton poses a high risk to bees. On Wednesday, the […]

Soybeans and Neonicotinoids – New Publication Recaps Research Jan 7, 2016

🕔Jan 7, 2016
Neonicotinoid insecticides applied as a coating to soybean seeds provide a maximum of three weeks of protection after planting and are ineffective against later-emerging threats such as soybean aphids, according […]

Neonics: Not the Only Culprit for Honey Bee Colony Decline Mar 18, 2015

🕔Mar 18, 2015
Colony declines are a major threat to the world’s honey bees, as well as the many wild plants and crops the bees pollinate. Among the lineup of possible culprits–including parasites, […]

Snails Unharmed by Neonics; Pass Toxin onto Beneficial Insects in No-Till Soybeans – DTN Feb 5, 2015

🕔Feb 5, 2015
Crops began to vanish mysteriously a decade ago on Lucas Criswell’s no-till farm in central Pennsylvania. “Things just started to disappear,” the Lewisburg, Pa., farmer recalls. “You’d see a soybean […]

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