Louisiana Rice: Insecticidal Seed Treatment Considerations Feb 5, 2021

🕔Feb 5, 2021
In today’s industry, rice farmers need to consider pest management strategies well before rice is planted. Insecticidal seed treatments have become central to rice pest management programs in recent years, […]

Neonic Seed Treatments: Yield Benefits vs.Potential Harm – Study Draws Conclusion – DTN May 23, 2017

🕔May 23, 2017
Farmers aren’t the only ones buzzing around busily during spring planting season. Honey bees also pick up their foraging pace at this time of year, when pollen sources abound. That […]

Neonic Regs: EPA and Ag Groups Ask for Summary Judgment Sep 21, 2016

🕔Sep 21, 2016
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should not be regulating neonicotinoid seed treatments in the same way it regulates other pesticide applications, the agency and a list of agriculture companies and […]

Pesticide Resistance: Thrips Show Resistance to Neonic Seed Treatments May 9, 2016

🕔May 9, 2016
Tobacco thrips, Frankliniella fusca, are seedling pests of peanut, soybean, and cotton throughout the southern USA. The adults and larvae feed on the developing leaves, causing injury during the very […]

Soybeans: Neonic Seed Treatments Increase Yields in the South Apr 19, 2016

🕔Apr 19, 2016
Scientists from Mississippi State University have found that treating soybean seeds with neonicotinoid pesticides (imidacloprid or thiamethoxam) provides higher yields in southern U.S. states. The results of their study, which […]

Neonic Dust: More Legal Problems, Rules in 6 States Plus Canada – DTN Mar 22, 2016

🕔Mar 22, 2016
Recent legal action has put neonicotinoids in the spotlight once again. This week, Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture compensated two beekeepers after investigators found that neonicotinoid-filled dust from a neighboring cornfield […]

Soybeans and Neonicotinoids – New Publication Recaps Research Jan 7, 2016

🕔Jan 7, 2016
Neonicotinoid insecticides applied as a coating to soybean seeds provide a maximum of three weeks of protection after planting and are ineffective against later-emerging threats such as soybean aphids, according […]

Snails Unharmed by Neonics; Pass Toxin onto Beneficial Insects in No-Till Soybeans – DTN Feb 5, 2015

🕔Feb 5, 2015
Crops began to vanish mysteriously a decade ago on Lucas Criswell’s no-till farm in central Pennsylvania. “Things just started to disappear,” the Lewisburg, Pa., farmer recalls. “You’d see a soybean […]

Keith Good: Farmland Holds its Value Despite Drop in Commodity Prices Jan 26, 2015

🕔Jan 26, 2015
Economic Matters Elizabeth Williams reported on Friday at DTN (link requires subscription) that, “No one expected farmland prices to stay strong as commodity prices tumbled lower in 2014. But unlike corn prices, […]

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