Trump Plan To Fund Infrastructure Gets Mixed Reviews – DTN

🕔Feb 13, 2018Farm leaders largely had praise Monday for the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan, which calls for spending $200 billion in federal funding over 10 years, including a special $50 billion pot […]

Ag Groups Request Increased Funding for Agriculture in 2018 – DTN

🕔Dec 18, 2017A coalition of more than 70 agriculture groups sent a letter late Thursday (12/15/2017) to congressional leaders asking for an increase in the Agriculture budget for the fiscal year 2018 […]

Trump Tax Reform Plan Gets Mixed Response from Farm Groups – DTN

🕔Nov 3, 2017House Republicans released a long-awaited tax-reform and tax-cutting plan that lowers tax rates for corporations and families, but forces both businesses and families to give up or reduce some favorite […]

National Farmers Union Hires Biofuel Lobbyist to Push for Expansion – DTN

🕔Aug 25, 2017As the agriculture economy continues to struggle, members of the National Farmers Union recently decided they wanted the national organization to initiate a stronger push for the expansion of biofuels. […]

Trump’s USDA Cuts Unacceptable; Don’t Expect Perdue to Step Out – Policy Pennings

🕔Jul 3, 2017It is difficult to get the agriculture community, as a whole, to agree on anything. The most recent exception: the Trump budget’s proposed cuts to the United States Department of […]

Drought: Upper Plains Call for Emergency Haying, Grazing in CRP Acres – DTN

🕔Jun 22, 2017The National Farmers Union and state affiliates in the Northern Plains are calling on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to allow emergency haying and grazing on Conservation Reserve Program acres. In […]

Livestock Producers and Industry Divided Over USDA Proposed Rules – DTN

🕔Mar 27, 2017Major livestock and meatpacker groups on Friday (3/27/2017) called on USDA to withdraw proposed rule changes to the Packers and Stockyards Act.   The extended comment period ended Friday for […]

South Dakota Challenging EPA on Higher Ethanol Blends – DTN

🕔Mar 15, 2017Farm leaders and state officials in South Dakota are taking the lead to push 30% ethanol blends and challenging EPA’s stance on higher ethanol blends. By taking the lead to […]

‘Farmer Fair Practices Rules’ Passage Sets Off Hailstorm of Controversy – DTN

🕔Dec 15, 2016The visceral political fights over livestock marketing rules will carry into the Trump administration as reaction to USDA’s release of three rules on Wednesday ranged from all-out praise from some […]

Tennessee: 4 Beginning Farmer Workshops in 2017

🕔Dec 12, 2016Want to be a farmer, but don’t know how to get started? University of Tennessee Extension has scheduled a 2017 workshop that might show you first steps. Beginning January 25, […]

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