Mississippi: Grain Bin Rescue Workshop, Pittsboro, April 17

🕔Mar 16, 2018Emergency responders and farmers will learn grain bin safety practices and rescue procedures during two workshops on April 17. The Mississippi State University Extension Service is hosting the grain bin […]

Mississippi: Row Rice Results from 2017

🕔Mar 15, 2018Producing rice in a “rowed-up” manner as other row crops such as corn, soybean, and cotton was a foreign concept just a couple of years ago. Row rice or furrow […]

Mississippi Soybeans: Accessing Companies’ Variety Trait Data

🕔Mar 12, 2018In a White Paper on this website, links to Midsouth states’ soybean official variety trial (SOVT) results are provided. A brief summary of the traits and disease reactions that are measured or […]

Mississippi Soybeans: 7 Tips for Early Planting

🕔Mar 12, 2018Early planting (late March through mid-April) of soybeans in the Midsouth is now commonplace, and is the norm according to NASS surveys that show a large percentage of Midsouth soybeans are planted […]

Mississippi Soybeans: 9 Planting Time Decisions

🕔Mar 12, 2018Soybean producers are faced with making decisions about planting date and planting time inputs every year. This blog contains most of the information you will need to prepare for and […]

Mississippi Corn: 5 Tips for Planting High Yielding Crops

🕔Mar 12, 2018Early planting is a well-known component of successful corn production, since environmental stress normally increases during the summer, reducing yield potential of late-plantings.

Mississippi Soybeans: Deep Tillage and Irrigation – How Do They Mesh?

🕔Mar 12, 2018It is an accepted fact that irrigation of the Midsouth’s soybean crop is a major reason that yields in the region over the last 5 years have been record-setting. It is now […]

Mississippi Soybeans: Flood vs Furrow Irrigation Cost

🕔Mar 7, 2018During the summer of 2016 and 2017, sixteen Delta farms were chosen to participate in a study to compare the water use and yield of furrow and flood irrigated soybean […]

Mississippi: Dicamba Training – 2 New Online Courses

🕔Mar 6, 2018Two highly anticipated online training modules are now available for those who plan to purchase or apply dicamba and similar herbicides. The Mississippi State University Extension Service, in cooperation with […]

Cotton: PhytoGen Wins Extension Yield Trials Across Cotton Belt

🕔Mar 2, 2018When selecting cotton varieties, one question is near the top: Who won last year’s university Extension variety trials? In many states across the Cotton Belt, the answer is PhytoGen cottonseed.   […]

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