Inland Rivers – Too Much Rain Complicates Barge Movement – DTN

🕔Jan 8, 2019High water has plagued much of the U.S. river system since the end of December. Many safety restrictions have been in place for weeks, but an accident on the Ohio […]

Moving Grain: Minor Barge Traffic Delays Reported

🕔Dec 20, 2018Heading into Winter, Minor Grain Barge Traffic Delays Reported For the first half of December, ice accumulations have not been an issue on the Illinois River and lower portions of […]

Moving Grain: Upper Mississippi River Navigation Season Ends

🕔Dec 14, 2018Upper Mississippi River Navigation Season Ends for St. Paul District The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the last barge tow of the 2018 navigation season departed St. Paul, MN, […]

Moving Grain: Upper Mississippi, Illinois River Return to Normal Operations

🕔Nov 15, 2018Upper Mississippi and Illinois River Returning to Normal Operations As of November 12, high water levels on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers are decreasing and barge traffic is returning […]

Moving Grain: Mississippi River Locks Reopen After Flood-Related Closures

🕔Oct 25, 2018Mississippi River Locks Reopen after Flood-related Closures Significant rainfall has resulted in flooding conditions, which closed multiple locks on the Upper Mississippi River. The impacted locks are located on a […]

Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Slowed by Flooding Along Upper Mississippi

🕔Oct 18, 2018Flooding Conditions Still Impacting Barge Traffic on Upper Mississippi River As of October 17, rain in the central U.S. caused flooding that closed 7 locks on the upper Mississippi River. […]

Moving Grain: Significant Decline in Barge Tonnages – Hurricane Recovery

🕔Sep 20, 2018Significant Decline in Weekly Barge Tonnages For the week ending on September 15, grain barge shipments on the locking portion of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas Rivers experienced a significant […]

Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Up; Railroads Prepare for Florence

🕔Sep 14, 2018Weekly Grain Barge Traffic Up For the week ending September 8, barge volumes for down-bound grain on the locking portions of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas rivers were 1.3 million […]

Moving Grain: Corn, Soybean Inspections Jump Over Previous Weeks

🕔Aug 30, 2018Corn and Soybeans Boost Total Grain Inspections For the week ending August 23, total inspections of grain (corn, wheat, and soybeans) for export from all major U.S. export regions reached […]

Moving Grain: Barge Spot Rates Decline for 2nd Week

🕔Aug 24, 2018Grain Barge Spot Rates Decline for Second Week As of August 21, barge spot rates for export grain dropped 1 to 14 percent, at principal origination points, compared to a […]

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