Ethanol: 6 states Produce 72% of U.S. Ethanol

🕔Aug 15, 2018Six states accounted for 72% of U.S. fuel ethanol production in 2016, according to the most recent estimates from EIA’s State Energy Data System. Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and […]

Midwest Corn, Soy: DTN’s Digital Crop Yield Tour Begins

🕔Aug 15, 2018The first high-tech, digital crop yield tour completely open to the public kicks off on various DTN/The Progressive Farmer digital platforms Aug. 15. The DTN/The Progressive Farmer 2018 Digital Yield […]

Farmers Split on Trade Tariff Damage – DTN

🕔Aug 10, 2018Ag leaders in the Trump administration may have thought the announcement a couple of weeks ago of a $12 billion aid package might quell some farmer voices of unrest, but […]

Minnesota Soybeans: Late-Season Soybean Aphid Management

🕔Aug 10, 2018Aphid populations continue to increase, especially in southern Minnesota where we are seeing more fields surpassing threshold levels and requiring treatment to protect soybean yield. Late-season management of soybean aphids […]

Minnesota: 4 Considerations for Fall Sulfur Application

🕔Aug 8, 2018As crazy as it sounds, fall is right around the corner. What’s your strategy for post-harvest fertilizer application?  We’ve been getting questions about sulfur application as farmers look for their […]

Minnesota: Chlorpyrifos – Remember Best Management Practices, Respirator Requirements

🕔Aug 8, 2018The challenges posed by soybean aphid resistance to pyrethroid insecticides have resulted in more growers turning to insecticides containing chlorpyrifos for management of soybean aphid outbreaks. Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate […]

Minnesota: Extension Requests Aid with European Corn Borer, Corn Disease Survey

🕔Aug 8, 2018Entomologists and plant pathologists at the University of Minnesota continue to document and understand changes in European corn borer (ECB) populations and corn diseases in our state. Each fall, about […]

Minnesota Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Feeding – What Should You Do?

🕔Aug 6, 2018In parts of southeastern Minnesota Japanese beetle has been actively feeding on soybean. These large beetles with shiny green- and copper-colored bodies, chew small holes in the leaves leaving a […]

Minnesota: Soybean Field Day, Montevideo, Aug. 14

🕔Aug 1, 2018The University of Minnesota Extension is offering a workshop and field tour on Tuesday, August 14th highlighting soybean management strategies for battling Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) and Soybean Cyst Nematode […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management – How Have We Fared This Year? – Podcast

🕔Jul 27, 2018How is 2018 shaping up compared to years past? On this episode of the podcast, Ryan Miller, Brad Carlson, Fabian Fernandez and Dan Kaiser talk through what they’ve seen this […]

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