Rose on Cotton: Pickers are Rolling; Buyers Will Start Quality Shopping

🕔Oct 20, 2017Cotton bears were winners on the week as the market continues to grind lower. The Dec contract gave up 174 points while Mar gave away 139, trimming the Dec – […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Hurricane Harvey Threat Brought Triple Digit Gains

🕔Aug 25, 2017Mother Nature!  She took us back to a 70 cent trade Friday morning before succumbing to the “buy the rumor, sell the fact,” market adage as Hurricane Harvey bore down […]

Rose on Cotton: Demand is Outstanding; Dec Still Looking Friendly

🕔Jul 7, 2017The bull and the bears fought to a draw this week on ICE Dec futures while the bulls notched a decent win in Mar, with the inaugural 2018 futures contract […]

Rose on Cotton: This Crop is a Mixed Bag in a Bearish Situation

🕔Jun 23, 2017The bears continue to maul our market. The Dec and Mar contracts gave up 236 and 240 points on the week, respectively, although July picked up 77 points ahead of […]

Ag Markets and April Weather: Snow, Flood, Freeze – DTN

🕔May 2, 2017April is known for erratic weather, but the month may have outdone itself this year.   Over the weekend, a wintry storm system dumped up to two feet of snow […]

Rose on Cotton: Hold Tight but Be Prepared

🕔Aug 26, 2016The ICE Dec contract took a push on the week, finishing at 68.03. However, the Dec – Mar spread strengthened by 40 points to 33 points of carry amid continued […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Market Poised for Mid 70s Return; Chinese Sales Slow Down

🕔Aug 22, 2016Cotton prices slid all week with the exception of 2 minor higher days at midweek. The important 68 cent level was breached in Friday trading opening the way for another […]

Rose on Cotton: Are Higher Prices Likely in the Fall?

🕔Jun 19, 2016ICE cotton had a strong second half of the week, ultimately picking up 85 points and settling just south of demonstrated resistance near 66.50. The Dec – Mar spread closed […]

Cotton: 2015 Mid-South Defoliation Guide

🕔Sep 15, 2015Know your crop, know your environment/forecast, and use this information to guide your product selection and timing as you move into defoliation. This approach is outlined in detail in our […]

Cleveland on Cotton: Too Early to Write Off the Midsouth and Southeast Crops

🕔Apr 27, 2015While staying within its newly expanded trading range, the cotton market jumped higher this week as the prior week’s sell off uncovered excellent demand and once again shot the market […]

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