Cotton in Southwest: Resistant Pigweed Thrives: Aphids Won’t Quit – AgFax Aug 19, 2014

🕔Aug 19, 2014
Resistant pigweed is tough and thick in many Texas fields. It’s either “get them out … or they’ll be fighting their offspring next year,” says Mark Kelley, A&M cotton specialist.

Cotton in Southwest: Bollworms, Concheula Stink Bugs are Ugly, Hungry – AgFax Aug 15, 2014

🕔Aug 15, 2014
Conchuela stink bugs are moving from mesquite into cotton and sorghum in the Texas southern Rolling Plains. Plant bugs and stink bugs hit threshold in northeast Texas, where PGRs are […]

Cotton in the Southwest: PGRs – Do You Need Them This Year? – AgFax Aug 6, 2014

🕔Aug 6, 2014
When do I apply PGRs? Randy Boman, OSU specialist, says there’s no PGR crystal ball, “but if we get more showers, we’ll need help to hold the growth back.”

Cotton – Southwest Growers Seeing More Disease, Insects – AgFax Jul 30, 2014

🕔Jul 30, 2014
Verticillium wilt, fusarium, bacterial blight and root knot nematodes have arrived in some fields in the South Plains.  

Cotton in Southwest: Blooms Spreading; Fleahopper, White Fly on the Move Jul 22, 2014

🕔Jul 22, 2014
Blooms are picking up speed in South Plains and Panhandle cotton fields after another shot of rain preceded today’s (7-22) hot temperatures. Triple digits are expected in many areas. After […]

Texas Cotton: No Magic Product to Rescue a Struggling Crop Jul 11, 2014

🕔Jul 11, 2014
Cotton across the region has begun to come around and resume growth and development following the much needed and timely precipitation events. Although I have heard a few grumblings of […]

Cotton in Southwest: Time for ‘Old School’ Weed Control – AgFax Jul 8, 2014

🕔Jul 8, 2014
Resistant weeds just won’t quit. Even the best control plans don’t seem to make much difference to volunteer cotton or resistant marestail. Chuck Wilbur, covering areas in the Southeastern Panhandle […]

Cultivators on the Move in Weeds Plaguing Southwest Cotton – AgFax Jul 2, 2014

🕔Jul 2, 2014
Weeds – resistant and nonresistant – are winning the battle in many areas. Wind and rain are preventing timely herbicide applications. “There is a time and a place for a […]

Southwest Cotton: 2,4-D Drift is Worrisome in Kansas – AgFax Jun 25, 2014

🕔Jun 25, 2014
Oklahoma is still looking at a good crop, but some areas continue to be short on moisture. In southwest Kansas, heavy hail damage has many fields replanted in corn. And […]

Southwest Cotton Growers Dealing With Rain, Hail and Wind – AgFax Jun 18, 2014

🕔Jun 18, 2014
Can West Texas get too much rain on the cotton? Seriously? It’s not something anyone wants to admit. But, late replanting is a hot topic in some Panhandle and South […]

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