Cotton – Midsouth – Pest Pressure Mounts – AgFax Aug 8, 2019

🕔Aug 8, 2019
Pest pressure is mounting. Plant bug numbers continue to build in many areas, prompting treatment. In parts of the Midsouth, bollworm moths are moving north and laying eggs. Where worms have nestled deep in the canopy, treatment results have been problematic at times.

Cotton – Midsouth – A Disjointed Crop Moves Into August – AgFax Jul 31, 2019

🕔Jul 31, 2019
More fields are at cutout or approaching it. Those fall into that general category of “cotton planted on time,” which is a smaller-than-average part of the crop this year through much of our coverage area. Open weather has mostly been the case since our last report, but rains continue in parts of Louisiana where Hurricane Barry dumped substantial amounts a couple of weeks ago.

Cotton – Midsouth – More Blooms, Pests And Growth – Welcome To July – AgFax Jul 3, 2019

🕔Jul 3, 2019
With a stretch of mostly sunny and rain-free days, growers have largely caught up on field work and plants have visibly responded to better growing conditions and a bit of TLC.

Cotton – Midsouth – Hoping For Rain (But Not A Flood) – AgFax Jun 6, 2019

🕔Jun 6, 2019
Rain began falling across parts of the Midsouth on Wednesday and more is expected. It’s generally needed after a long stretch of hot, dry weather. However, more rain now will compound the misery where rivers are out of their banks or backwater flooding pushed into fields.

Cotton – Midsouth – Promising Crop, Defoliation Widens Into Upper Delta – AgFax Aug 31, 2018

🕔Aug 31, 2018
More defoliation has started, with applications underway at least into northeast Arkansas. So far, no reports of cotton actually being picked. In parts of the region, growers are focusing on wrapping […]

Cotton – Midsouth – Bolls Opening In Spots As Quick Crop Pushes Along Aug 2, 2018

🕔Aug 2, 2018
The crop is running ahead of schedule in many areas and insect control is wrapping up as more cotton moves past cutout.  

Cotton – Midsouth – Plant Bugs Ramp Up, Bollworms Flight Taking Shape – AgFax Jul 6, 2018

🕔Jul 6, 2018
Bollworm egg laying has started. Concerns linger about how well dual-gene cotton will hold up, based on slippage in the last couple of years.

Cotton – Midsouth – Plant Bugs Moving, Bollworms Stage Big, Early Flight – AgFax Jun 7, 2018

🕔Jun 7, 2018
Cotton is squaring widely now and plant bugs are finding it. Abnormally large bollworm flight taking shape in parts of region, too.

Cotton – Midsouth – Ideal Planting Conditions With An 80-Cent Market – AgFax Midsouth Cotton May 10, 2018

🕔May 10, 2018
Seedlings are jumping out of the ground. Cotton planters are running hard. Plenty of farmers have finished planting or could hit that point before next week.

Cotton – Midsouth – Harvey Dumps Rain, Uncertainty On The Crop – AgFax Sep 1, 2017

🕔Sep 1, 2017
What remains of Hurricane Harvey moved into the Midsouth to varying degrees and could likely effect areas in western and northern Alabama along the way. This is not a good situation.


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