Tennessee Cotton: Diseases – What To Be on Lookout For Jul 24, 2019

🕔Jul 24, 2019
The usual foliar spotting has been seen: leaf spot complex and target spot. In addition to the fungal leaf spot, bacterial blight leaf symptoms have also been reported

Mississippi Cotton: IDing Foliar Diseases – Canopy Location Helps Jul 24, 2018

🕔Jul 24, 2018
Over the last several years it has become increasingly important to consider specific foliar diseases in cotton. The best way to consider the specific disease present is to break the […]

Mississippi Cotton: Foliar Diseases Don’t Warrant a Fungicide Aug 16, 2017

🕔Aug 16, 2017
Unsightly spots on cotton leaves are becoming more common as the year progresses.  There are a number of things that can cause cotton leaf spotting including herbicide injury, disease, insect feeding (i.e. […]

Tennessee Cotton: Identification and Management of Leaf Spots Aug 4, 2017

🕔Aug 4, 2017
This year I have gotten more questions about leaf spots in cotton than any other.  It hasn’t always been clear which leaf spot is present, but the following resources can […]

Florida: Insects Stirring In Panhandle Crops Jun 30, 2017

🕔Jun 30, 2017
At the beginning to middle of the month I was seeing different species of armyworms. Fall armyworms are usually more active in July but they are turning up sporadically just […]

South Carolina Peanuts: Suriving Insects, Disease, and Heat Jul 24, 2015

🕔Jul 24, 2015
Clemson Peanut Specialist Jay Chapin put together the following information for peanut growers. Extreme temperatures and drought stress are never good for peanuts in late July.  The majority of our […]

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