Tennessee: Xtend Soybeans – Palmer Amaranth Management Strategies

🕔Mar 13, 2018As of Monday we have had well over 2400 folks take the dicamba training in Tennessee. Our best estimate is that about 2500 total would be spraying Engenia or XtendiMax […]

Tennessee: Controlling Multiple-Resistant Pigweed

🕔Mar 7, 2018What is a good approach to control Palmer pigweed in locations where PPO-resistant Palmer amaranth is present?

Tennessee Wheat: New Herbicide Options for Broadleaf Weed Control

🕔Feb 28, 2018ALS-resistant chickweed is clearly becoming more of a challenge to control in wheat across the state but particularly in middle Tennessee. Other folks have asked about cleaning up just a […]

Tennessee: Glyphosate-Resistant Barnyardgrass a Growing Problem

🕔Feb 14, 2018Barnyardgrass now joins goosegrass, Johnsongrass and Italian ryegrass as confirmed glyphosate-resistant in Tennessee.

Mississippi: Cover Crops Present Challenges, Advantages

🕔Jan 22, 2018Producers who plant winter crops with no intention of harvesting them reap the benefits of soil conservation, weed control and nutrient retention. On the flip side, however, the practice of […]

Tennessee Soybeans: Dicamba – Yield Reports on Injured Crops

🕔Oct 19, 2017The question going into this fall is how much yield loss have the dicamba injured soybeans sustained? As with every concern with this dicamba drift mess, the answers are hard […]

Tennessee: Late Season Dicamba Drift Alarms Farmers in a New Round of Injuries – Video

🕔Aug 4, 2017Dicamba drift calls had died down for a short spell but really blew back up in the last few days (7/28 to 8/3). Clearly a good bit of late planted […]

Tennessee: Spraying Dicamba in Double-Crop Soybeans, Beware of Temp Inversions – Video

🕔Aug 1, 2017Reminder from Dr. Larry Steckel to watch for temperature inversions when spraying dicamba herbicides in late-planted soybeans.

Tennessee Soybeans: Weed Control Options in Double-Cropped Fields – Video

🕔Jul 26, 2017Recommendations on what to spray and, perhaps more importantly, what not to spray in late-planted soybeans from Dr. Larry Steckel and Drake Copeland.

Dicamba Residue: What Does Parts Per Billion Mean in the Field?

🕔Jul 26, 2017As we get numbers on dicamba concentrations in various plant samples, one asks the question, so what does a certain ppb (parts per billion) really mean?

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