Kentucky: Spotted Corn Leaves – Disease or Something Different? Aug 19, 2020

🕔Aug 19, 2020
Over the past few weeks, there have been increased reports of spotting on corn leaves across the state. Symptoms include tiny tan to brown spots with a darker brown margin […]

Kentucky Corn: Be on Lookout for Seedling Diseases May 20, 2020

🕔May 20, 2020
Weather this spring has challenged corn farmers in Kentucky. Temperature swings and frequent rainfall have led to a wide range of corn growth stages, with some corn in early vegetative […]

Crop Protection Network Offers CCA Continuing Education Credits Jul 26, 2019

🕔Jul 26, 2019
The Crop Protection Network (CPN) is pleased to announce an addition to its collection of resources available to farmers, crop advisors and others involved in crop management and production. Certified […]

Kentucky Corn: Foliar Fungicide Time Jul 10, 2019

🕔Jul 10, 2019
Corn is moving through growth stages quickly, and the warm, humid weather in many parts of Kentucky has been conducive for foliar disease development. Fungicides are commonly promoted to reduce […]

Soybeans: How to Make Up for Poor Quality Seed? Feb 20, 2019

🕔Feb 20, 2019
Seed quality from the 2018 soybean harvest was below average across the majority of the soybean-producing areas of the United States. Several factors led to poor-quality soybean seed, but some […]

Kentucky Corn: Late Season Flooding – What Can We Expect? Sep 12, 2018

🕔Sep 12, 2018
Northern and eastern Kentucky received as much as 6 to 8 inches of rainfall the last 7 days. Some cornfields were flooded. The heavy rains north of the Ohio River […]

Kentucky Corn: Southern Rust Confirmed in State Aug 1, 2018

🕔Aug 1, 2018
Southern rust of corn, caused by the fungus Puccinia polysora, was confirmed by the University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (PDDL) for the first time in 2018 from a sample […]

Kentucky Corn: I.D. Your Foliar Disease Before Applying a Fungicide Jun 20, 2018

🕔Jun 20, 2018
Farmers are annually concerned about corn disease, and this year will be no exception. Corn is moving through growth stages quickly, and the warm, humid weather in many parts of […]

Kentucky Corn: Watch for Seedling Blights Apr 18, 2018

🕔Apr 18, 2018
The abnormally cool, wet spring has delayed planting across Kentucky.  Although farmers are understandably eager to begin planting corn, planting into cool, wet soils can increase the risk of seedling […]

Kentucky: Postharvest Grain Management Meeting, Owensboro, Feb. 28 Feb 8, 2018

🕔Feb 8, 2018
Tight marketing conditions have caused many growers to store larger amounts of grain for longer periods. To help producers work through some potential grain storage issues, University of Kentucky College of […]

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