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      Corn: Older Hybrids Help Breeders Develop Better Crops – Video Aug 20, 2021

      🕔Aug 20, 2021
      K-State Research and Extension cropping systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti explains what researchers can learn from past corn hybrids when breeding better hybrids in the future. Ciampitti says the lessons learned […]

      Ag Study: Rising Nighttime Temps Rob Yields in Rice, Wheat Jun 28, 2021

      🕔Jun 28, 2021
      Warmer nights can upset a good night’s sleep for humans, but could the biological processes of farm crops be fussy about nighttime temperatures, too? Researchers at Kansas State University and […]

      Kansas: Finances and the Farm- An Online Class to Enhance Farm Management Skills Jan 7, 2021

      Members of the 27th Master Marketer training will be graduating in Amarillo on March 3. The Master Marketer program is celebrating its 20th anniversary. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Kay Ledbetter)
      🕔Jan 7, 2021
      Kansas State University has launched a new self-paced online course, Finances and the Farm, now available to Kansans and others. “It is important, especially during these challenging times, to be […]

      Wheat: K-State Scientists Earn 2020 Gene Stewardship Award Oct 19, 2020

      🕔Oct 19, 2020
      Two U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists working on the Kansas State University campus are part of a national team that has earned praise for its pioneering work in building sturdy […]

      Ag Economy: Farmers Increasingly Turn to Non-Traditional Lenders – Podcast Sep 1, 2020

      🕔Sep 1, 2020
      A Kansas State University agricultural economist says that non-traditional lenders are becoming a bigger part of doing business in farm country. Jenny Ifft spoke recently at the Risk and Profit […]

      Wheat: Kansas Gene Editing Project Teams Up with Canadian University Aug 10, 2020

      🕔Aug 10, 2020
      Kansas State University officials say a $650,000 grant from the USDA”s National Institute of Food and Agriculture has spurred a partnership with a Canadian university to improve wheat using genome editing technology. […]

      Soybeans: K-State Leads Effort to Develop Heat Stress-Resilient Varieties Jul 9, 2020

      🕔Jul 9, 2020
      On a recent summer morning, a team of students and scientists worked quietly, row by row in a research field, thinning soybean seedling plants by hand and saving the strongest […]

      Kansas: Researchers Ask Farmers to Complete Weed Challenge Survey Jun 26, 2020

      🕔Jun 26, 2020
      Every year Kansas farmers wage a silent but persistent battle with weeds that rob their crops of valuable moisture and nutrients in the soil and reduce crop yields. Compounding the […]

      Ag Labs Open For Business…With Modifications – DTN Apr 15, 2020

      🕔Apr 15, 2020
      Amid coronavirus-related lockdowns, most states and university administrations have deemed soil and plant diagnostic testing laboratories as “essential” services, able to remain open to accept samples from farmers and scientists […]

      Soybeans: Research Project Aims to Maintain Protein as Yields Increase Apr 14, 2020

      🕔Apr 14, 2020
      A Kansas State University researcher is on the hunt for ways to improve the quality of soybean seeds so that the crop continues to maintain high levels of protein as […]

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