Cotton – Southeast – Mixed Pest Populations Making For Tough Decisions — AgFax Aug 13, 2020

🕔Aug 13, 2020
Georgia contends with whitefly, which are gaining ground outside of their normal geographic range.

South Carolina Cotton: Bollworms Demand Attention But Not Necessarily Treatments Aug 7, 2020

🕔Aug 7, 2020
Captures of bollworm moths in pheromone traps have decreased some, as this flight out of corn subsides. The recent widespread rain storms will wet the soil and undoubtedly allow more […]

Cotton – Southeast – Insects Ramping Up, Whiteflies Add Complications In Lower Region – AgFax Aug 5, 2020

🕔Aug 5, 2020
Hot and dry weather are pushing whiteflies and spider mites. Bollworms and plant bugs are active, too.

South Carolina Cotton: Remain Alert For Bollworms But Add Stink Bugs To Your List Jul 31, 2020

🕔Jul 31, 2020
Captures of bollworm moths in pheromone traps have increased dramatically, as have sightings of adults and larvae in the field. We are finding much more injury to non-Bt cotton than […]

Cotton – Southeast – More Pests Brewing, Pushed Along By Dry Conditions – AgFax Jul 30, 2020

🕔Jul 30, 2020
In Georiga, whiteflies continue to expand out of their normal range, complicating treatment decisions for other pests.

South Carolina Cotton: Bollworm Moths Active…But Will It Matter? Jul 24, 2020

🕔Jul 24, 2020
Charles Davis, county agent in Calhoun County, reported that it is difficult for him to find aphids in cotton now because of the natural fungus taking them out. He saw […]

Cotton – Southeast – Pest Pressure Taking Shape As Hot, Dry Weather Persists – AgFax Jul 22, 2020

🕔Jul 22, 2020
Whiteflies and spider mites are becoming more apparent, and treatments are going out

South Carolina Cotton: Plenty Of Insects But Do You Need To Spray? Jul 17, 2020

🕔Jul 17, 2020
Drake Perrow, producer and consultant in Calhoun County, said earlier this week that he is picking up some fungus on cotton aphids but also is seeing spider mites building. Charles […]

Cotton – Southeast – Plenty Of Insects, Limited Spraying (So Far) – AgFax Jul 15, 2020

🕔Jul 15, 2020
Whitefly treatments have been necessary in Georgia in areas where the pest tends to develop every year, but people in the field are beginning to find at least a few whitefly outside of their historic range.

South Carolina Cotton: Bollworm Trap Counts Bump Up Jul 10, 2020

🕔Jul 10, 2020
Drake Perrow, producer and consultant in Calhoun County, commented this week that “aphids seem to be enjoying this weather.” I agree with Drake, as aphids seem to still be building, […]


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