Texas: Citrus Greening Quarantine Expands to Brazoria, Galveston Counties Oct 23, 2019

🕔Oct 23, 2019The citrus greening quarantine has expanded to Brazoria and Galveston counties, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts. Citrus greening is one of the most serious citrus plant diseases in the […]

Citrus Greening: Scent-Detecting Dogs Help Early Detection – Video Jan 21, 2019

🕔Jan 21, 2019For decades, humans have relied on dogs to detect explosives, illegal drugs, lost people and wildlife. More recently, they have been used to detect pests such as termites, bedbugs and […]

California Citrus: Major Breakthrough in Controlling Asian Citrus Psyllid Dec 15, 2017

🕔Dec 15, 2017In a ground-breaking discovery encompassing six years of research, an international team of scientists led by UC Davis chemical ecologist Walter Leal announced they’ve identified the sex pheromone of the Asian citrus […]

California Citrus: Huanglongbing Detected Again in San Gabriel Apr 6, 2017

🕔Apr 6, 2017The California Department of Food and Agriculture crews conducting intensive, risk-based surveys detected eight citrus trees confirmed to be infected with Huanglongbing. All trees were in the core area of […]

California Citrus: UC Riverside Gets $5.1Mln to Fight Citrus Tree Killer Feb 22, 2017

🕔Feb 22, 2017A team of scientists, led by a group at the University of California, Riverside, has received a five-year, $5.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fight a […]

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