California: Bee Precaution Pesticide Ratings Available from University of Calif. IPM Aug 25, 2016

🕔Aug 25, 2016
Various insects, birds, and other animals pollinate plants. Bees, especially honey bees, are the most vital for pollinating food crops. Many California crops rely on bees to pollinate their flowers […]

California Almonds: 4 Things Growers Can Do to Protect Honey Bees Mar 30, 2016

🕔Mar 30, 2016
Beekeepers have been reporting a number of damaged hives, specifically, the loss of immature bee brood at the close of and following this year’s almond bloom. While science-based consensus on the cause […]

Marijuana Growers’ Pest Management Puts Bees And Tokers At Risk Dec 16, 2015

🕔Dec 16, 2015
Extension apiculturist emeritus Eric Mussen of the University of California Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology, “retired” in June of 2014 after 38 years of service but his phone and keyboard […]

Non-Bee Insects Are Forgotten Pollinators, says Study Nov 30, 2015

🕔Nov 30, 2015
Farmers who used pesticides that spared bees but killed other insects might be ignoring important sources of crop pollination, according to an Australian-led international scientific study. University of Queensland plant […]

Almond News: Australia Suffers from Bee Thievery Sep 28, 2015

🕔Sep 28, 2015
Angus Whitley and Ben Sharples of Bloomberg News report on the Napa Valley Register that high almond prices have lead to the theft of as many as 5 million honey […]

Mississippi: Bee Health Study Looks at Impact of Insecticides Jun 18, 2015

🕔Jun 18, 2015
Media skirmishes about bee health, agriculture practices and the role of pollinators in food production are a mixture of fact, propaganda and general misunderstanding.

Soybean Yields May Benefit from Nearby Honey Bee Hives Jun 16, 2015

🕔Jun 16, 2015
The world of agriculture is abuzz with interest in honey bees these days. While the primary concern for most involved is the health and vitality of honey bee populations, many […]

Pollinators: Saving Honey Bees – More Research Needed May 20, 2015

🕔May 20, 2015
President Obama has established a task force to save the honeybees. A White House Blog entry on May 19th announced, “New Steps to Promote Pollinator Health”, and this was quickly […]

Almonds: New Book Discusses Bee Relations with Crop Production Mar 31, 2015

🕔Mar 31, 2015
Remember Stephanie Hsia? She’s the beekeeper/graduate student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design who traveled through almond orchards in California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys in May 2014 to illustrate […]

Neonics: Not the Only Culprit for Honey Bee Colony Decline Mar 18, 2015

🕔Mar 18, 2015
Colony declines are a major threat to the world’s honey bees, as well as the many wild plants and crops the bees pollinate. Among the lineup of possible culprits–including parasites, […]

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