Livestock: Modest Pork Expansion, But Brexit Casts Shadow Jun 27, 2016

🕔Jun 27, 2016
Listen to MP3 podcast In the June Hogs and Pigs survey, pork producers told USDA they had increased the size of the breeding herd by one percent relative to year […]

Hog Profits – Battle Between Higher Hog Prices and Higher Feed Prices Jun 6, 2016

🕔Jun 6, 2016
Listen to MP3 podcast Here we go again! Higher feed prices are once again the main story reducing prospects for profitability in pork production. In the first quarter of 2016, […]

Livestock: What Lies Ahead for Swine Feed Costs? May 19, 2016

🕔May 19, 2016
The recent volatility in the corn and soybean markets increases the uncertainty related to swine feed costs and margins. This article documents the impact of corn and soybean meal prices […]

Livestock: Fewer Hogs and Higher Prices Mar 28, 2016

🕔Mar 28, 2016
Listen to MP3 podcast The nation’s pork producers have indicated to USDA that they are not expanding the breeding herd and, in fact, intend to reduce farrowings this spring and […]

Pork Industry – Time for a Little Profit for 2016 Feb 29, 2016

🕔Feb 29, 2016
Listen to MP3 podcast The outlook for the pork industry has turned somewhat more optimistic in recent weeks. The sources of that optimism include a $2 to $4 increase in […]

Livestock: Hog Prices Drop to 6 Year Lows Nov 23, 2015

🕔Nov 23, 2015
Listen to MP3 Podcast Live hog prices fell below $40 per hundredweight last week. This means hog prices are at their lowest level since November of 2009 when the U.S. […]

Livestock: Limited Pork Expansion Following PEDV Recovery Sep 28, 2015

🕔Sep 28, 2015
Listen to MP3 Podcast The pork industry has largely overcome the impacts of the 2014 PED virus. Pork producers have been disciplined in limiting expansion after record 2014 profits. As […]

Livestock: Pork Industry Continues to Adjust from PED Jun 1, 2015

🕔Jun 1, 2015
Listen to MP3 podcast The pork industry continues to adjust from the supply shock created by the PED virus last year. Live prices peaked in the summer of 2014 as […]

Livestock: More Hogs Than Expected, Where Did They Come From? – farmdoc Apr 6, 2015

🕔Apr 6, 2015
Listen to MP3 podcast More hogs than expected was the theme of the pork market in the first quarter of 2015. The USDA March Hogs and Pigs report did little […]

Keith Good: Hog Price Avalanche; Drones for Yields; Bill Nye Likes GMO Now? Mar 4, 2015

🕔Mar 4, 2015
Where are the bacon eaters? Kelsey Gee reported in today’s Wall Street Journal that, “U.S. hog prices tumbled to nearly a two-week low Tuesday, pressured by rising supplies and unexpectedly weak […]

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