Nebraska: Record Keeping: Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizer Applications

🕔Apr 16, 2019A recordkeeping form for private pesticide applicators in Nebraska is available for free online. This form fits neatly on one page, includes all required parts of an RUP record, and […]

Texas Peanuts: 4 Key Weed Management Practices

🕔Apr 4, 2019Best Management Practices (BMPs) for peanut production include effective season-long weed management. Here are four weed management principles in peanut production.

Indiana Wheat: Spring Herbicide Applications for Winter Annuals

🕔Mar 27, 2019The winter is finally winding down and we are bound to have warmer days and spring in the near future. As we look towards the warmer weather there a few […]

Illinois: Waterhemp Resistance to Group 15 Herbicides

🕔Mar 27, 2019The continual evolution of weed species and populations resistant to herbicides from one or more site-of-action groups represents one of the most daunting challenges facing weed management practitioners.

Texas Cotton: Managing Volunteer Corn

🕔Mar 26, 2019Volunteer corn can be a significant problem in corn‐cotton rotations under no‐till and limited tillage. Volunteer corn can result from grain loss at harvest due to poorly adjusted combines, late […]

Nebraska: Spring Burndown Applications – Podcast

🕔Mar 25, 2019On this month’s Nebraska CropWatch podcast, Extension Educator Michael Sindelar talks with Extension Weed Specialist Amit Jhala about spring burndown herbicide applications.  Jhala talks about what weeds species need to […]

Iowa: 5 Tips for Spring Cover Crop Termination

🕔Mar 22, 2019Spring weather has finally arrived and fieldwork will begin soon. Iowa State University research suggests cereal rye should be terminated at least 10-14 days prior to planting corn, so the […]

Michigan: Webinar – Herbicide Efficacy Under Weather Stress, March 4

🕔Mar 1, 2019On March 4, 2019, from 7-8 p.m., Michigan State University Extension’s Field Crops Webinar – Herbicide Efficacy Under Weather Stress will feature MSU’s Erin Burns discussing how weather stress can […]

Pesticide Label References Available Online

🕔Feb 13, 2019This cold and snowy weather hopefully has everyone dreaming of warmer days this spring.  The 2019 growing season will be here before we know it, but now is a great […]

Corn, Soybeans: What’s New in Weed Control for 2019

🕔Feb 7, 2019New herbicide products and industry news about weed management. As in the recent past, there are absolutely no new herbicide modes of action. All the newer herbicide products are simply new […]

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