Alabama Cotton: PRE Treatments Behind the Planter Apr 13, 2021

🕔Apr 13, 2021
Cotton planting will be in full swing in just another week or two. One thing that I cannot emphasize enough is to START CLEAN (free of weeds), particularly in no-till […]

Pennsylvania Wheat: Weed Control and UAN Carrier Issues Mar 26, 2021

🕔Mar 26, 2021
As spring approaches, small grain weeds can become a problem. Certain herbicides can be applied in different nitrogen fertilizer carriers, but timing is critical.

Pest Management: Do You Have the Right Nozzles for Your Sprayer? Mar 16, 2021

🕔Mar 16, 2021
This is the time of the year you must complete shopping for nozzles because the spraying season is just around the corner. Each part of the application equipment plays a […]

Indiana Wheat: Spring Herbicide Applications Mar 12, 2021

🕔Mar 12, 2021
The warmer temperatures experienced in Indiana over the past week and the forecast for warmer temperatures moving forward will allow winter wheat fields in Indiana to green up and resume […]

Pennsylvania: Benefits of Early Burndown Herbicide Applications Mar 5, 2021

🕔Mar 5, 2021
Early burndown herbicide applications can provide more effective weed control as compared to those near planting.

Georgia Corn: Early Weed Control A Must in Reducing Yield Loss Mar 4, 2021

🕔Mar 4, 2021
A big mistake that I see growers make in an attempt to be effective in controlling weeds in corn is waiting too long before they take action.  Most of the […]

Variable Weather Makes Weeds Harder to Whack Feb 12, 2021

🕔Feb 12, 2021
From flooded spring fields to summer hailstorms and drought, farmers are well aware the weather is changing. It often means spring planting can’t happen on time or has to happen […]

Indiana: 5 Application Tips for Fall Applied Herbicides, Winter Weed Control Oct 13, 2020

🕔Oct 13, 2020
As harvest season progresses quickly this fall due to favorable weather conditions and our crops come out of the field, now is the time to think about weed control for […]

Minnesota Wheat: Pre-Harvest Weed Control Revisited Jul 20, 2020

🕔Jul 20, 2020
Wet and windy weather has made for weed control challenges in small grains. Combine this with poor stands, poor tillering, and a shorter than normal crop, we will likely be […]

Georgia Peanuts: How Much 2,4-DB Can You Apply? Jul 20, 2020

🕔Jul 20, 2020
2,4-DB is a very popular and inexpensive peanut herbicide that is used on at least 35% of the acres in GA.  There are a few labels out there and use […]

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