Pennsylvania: Preparing Grain Storages for Harvest Sep 18, 2020

🕔Sep 18, 2020
As we approach corn grain harvest, we thought it was good to remind folks to properly prepare grain storages. Several species of beetles and moth caterpillars can attack stored grain. […]

North Dakota: Cleaning Grain Bins to Prevent Insect Infestations Sep 4, 2020

🕔Sep 4, 2020
With harvest just around the corner, be prepared for safe storage of your grain. Deep clean grain bins and trucks The key to preventing grain insect problems in grain bins […]

Iowa: Late Season Hail Damage to Crops Aug 27, 2020

🕔Aug 27, 2020
While much of the damage from this month’s derecho is due to strong hurricane-force winds, isolated pockets of hail affected crops also, particularly in parts of Carroll, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, […]

Pennsylvania: Stop Weed Seed Set, Burndown Options Before Cover Crops Aug 7, 2020

🕔Aug 7, 2020
Now is the time to think about controlling summer annual weeds prior to seed set in cropping situations where this is possible. Preventing seed production is important for driving down […]

Minnesota: Small Grains Disease Update Jun 18, 2020

🕔Jun 18, 2020
The first instances of stripe rust, crown rust, and barley yellow dwarf were confirmed in winter wheat and oats, respectively, this past week in southern Minnesota. Meanwhile, tan spot is […]

Ohio Corn: Reports of True Armyworm Infestations Jun 16, 2020

🕔Jun 16, 2020
We received many reports of true armyworm infestations in wheat, barley, and corn. These are black or green caterpillars with stripes along the side and orange heads. In the spring, […]

EPA Makes Big Decisions on Dicamba- DTN Jun 9, 2020

🕔Jun 9, 2020
After five long days of confusion in the industry, EPA has issued a cancellation order for three dicamba herbicides, following a federal appeals court’s order to vacate their registrations on […]

DTN Grain Midday: Soybeans Soaring Jun 3, 2020

🕔Jun 3, 2020
Beans, Wheat Higher at Midday Corn is flat to 1 cent lower, soybeans are 6 to 7 cents higher, and wheat is 2 to 6 cents higher. The U.S. stock […]

DTN Grain Closing: Soybeans Higher with Export Sale Jun 2, 2020

🕔Jun 2, 2020
July soybean oil and July soybeans were the leading percentage gainers in Tuesday’s grain trade, helped by news of a new-crop soybean export sale to China. July corn was a […]

DTN Grain Midday: Soybeans on the Rise After Confirmed Trade with China Jun 2, 2020

🕔Jun 2, 2020
Corn, Wheat Lower at Midday Corn is flat to 1 cents lower, soybeans are 8 to 9 cents higher, and wheat is 2 to 8 cents lower. The U.S. stock […]

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