GMO Food Opponents Know Less Than They Think, Research Finds

🕔Jan 14, 2019The people who hold the most extreme views opposing genetically modified (GM) foods think they know most about GM food science, but actually know the least, according to new research. […]

GMO Label Discussion Shifts to Online ‘Smart Labels’ – DTN

🕔Mar 9, 2016Senate Agriculture Committee leaders appear to be moving toward modifying a bill that would ban state laws mandating the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients, but require food companies […]

The Fight Is On: Will GMO Food Labeling Become Mandatory? – DTN

🕔Mar 4, 2016Manufacturers would be required to label genetically modified foods on their packages under a bill introduced by four Democratic senators on Wednesday. The move is a sign of the difficulties […]

FDA Approves GE Salmon, Implications for Other GMO Foods

🕔Nov 19, 2015The FDA has approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption, the first time the agency has taken a stance in the GMO debate.

GMOs: 125 CEOs, Business Leaders Tell President Obama – Just Label It!

🕔Jul 1, 2015One hundred twenty-five (125) U.S. CEOs and business leaders from across the country called on President Barack Obama to keep his 2007 campaign pledge to give Americans the right to […]

GMO: States Ag Association Supports Genetically Modified Foods Labels – DTN

🕔Feb 4, 2015The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture on Tuesday passed a resolution to support “a national uniform labeling policy for foods derived from genetic engineering” and to reaffirm the […]

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