Peanuts: Argentine Farmers Struggle To Plant Amidst Drought Nov 18, 2019

    🕔Nov 18, 2019
    The lack of significant and widespread rains continues to hinder planting progress in parts of the Argentine peanut area (see the world crop outlook below for a broader picture). So […]

    Peanuts – Argentina Will Push A Big Crop Onto World Market Oct 3, 2019

    🕔Oct 3, 2019
    Peanut farmers in Argentina have wrapped up an excellent crop , with yields that are significantly higher than those in the 2017-18 season, which was marked by excessive rainfall and […]

    Peanuts: In Argentina, Not A Pretty Picture Feb 21, 2019

    🕔Feb 21, 2019
    The international peanut market has clearly turned into a weather market and it will take time to gain a clear view of all the factors that will influence pricing. The […]

    Peanuts: Argentina’s Acreage Slips Feb 1, 2019

    🕔Feb 1, 2019
    The Cereals Board of Córdoba reports that Argentina’s peanut plantings for the current season will fall short of last season’s totals, both at the provincial level (by 17%) and in […]

    Peanuts: Argentina Expects Big Acreage Decline Oct 29, 2018

    🕔Oct 29, 2018
    Argentina’s peanut farmers will likely reduce their plantings over 15% to 20% for the 2018/2019 growing year. The drop comes on the heels of a horrible growing season in the […]

    Peanuts: Argentina’s Misery Drags On – Yield, Quality Issues Jul 10, 2018

    🕔Jul 10, 2018
    Argentina’s peanut harvest continues to drag on. Progress and crop conditions have been hampered by cold and cloudy weather and foggy or misty conditions in the early mornings. Peanuts have […]

    Peanuts: Argentina’s Crop Can’t Get A Break – Drought Followed By Prolonged Soaking May 11, 2018

    🕔May 11, 2018
    Argentina’s peanut crop has shifted from an extreme and damaging drought to wet conditions that could threaten what remains of crop yields and quality. Across parts of the country’s peanut […]

    Peanuts: Drought In Argentina Steering World Market Toward U.S., Brazil Mar 23, 2018

    🕔Mar 23, 2018
    Nothing in the weather has brought relief to the current historic drought that has settled over a large part of Argentina – including the entire central peanut area. Peanut crop […]

    Peanuts: Drought Taking Heavy Toll In Argentina’s Crop Mar 7, 2018

    🕔Mar 7, 2018
    The drought in Argentina continues. In terms of rainfall and soil moisture conditions, unofficial sources estimate that 40% of the area would be good, 30% normal and 30% bad. With that scenario, expectations for […]

    Peanuts: Argentina’s Crop Taking A Hit From Drought, Heat Feb 14, 2018

    🕔Feb 14, 2018
    Agronomists in the field report that a lack of recent rainfall, combined with a heat wave throughout central Argentina, has pushed at least part of the peanut crop into moisture stress […]


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