Ohio: Wheat Between Feekes 8-10 and Disease Concerns May 4, 2021

🕔May 4, 2021
Wheat is now between Feekes 8 (flag leaf emergence) and Feekes 10 (boot) across the state. Feekes 8 marks the beginning of the period during which we recommend that you […]

Tennessee Wheat: Stripe Rust, Bacterial Leaf Streak, and Head Scab Risk Apr 30, 2021

🕔Apr 30, 2021
To date there have been additional reports of stripe rust in West TN and some fields with bacterial leaf streak. As wheat starts to bloom, continue to monitor the Fusarium […]

Virginia Wheat: Disease Pressure Low, Be Ready to Spray for Fusarium Head Blight Apr 29, 2021

🕔Apr 29, 2021
After looking at some wheat fields this morning I believe most of Virginia’s wheat is between head emergence (Feekes 10.3) and flowering (10.5.1). Wheat disease pressure has been low but […]

Kentucky Wheat: Fungicide Management Considerations for Fusarium Head Blight Apr 28, 2021

🕔Apr 28, 2021
Wheat fields will soon be at the anthesis stage (Feekes 10.51, “flowering”) in Kentucky.  Anthesis is a critical time, as wheat becomes susceptible to infection by Fusarium graminearum, the causal agent […]

Michigan: CCA Credits Available Online Nov 5, 2020

🕔Nov 5, 2020
Fusarium head blight management session on Dec. 9 As part of the virtual 2020 National Fusarium Head Blight forum, Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) continuing education units (CEUs) are available during the Fusarium […]

Minnesota Wheat: Dealing with Fusarium Head Blight at Harvest Jul 27, 2020

🕔Jul 27, 2020
It is not hard to find fusarium head blight in the yield trials in NW Minnesota. The field severities are nowhere near disastrous but high enough in some of the […]

Minnesota Wheat: Diseases Quiet, Risk High for Fusarium Head Blight Jul 1, 2020

🕔Jul 1, 2020
In my travels last week across southern Minnesota, I found little to no disease in the spring wheat trials or fields that I walked.  I found net blotch in one […]

Nebraska Wheat: Stripe Rust Confirmed in State Jun 1, 2020

🕔Jun 1, 2020
During a survey of wheat fields in south central and southeast Nebraska on May 27, stripe rust was found at trace levels in a grower’s wheat field in Thayer County […]

Michigan Wheat: Fungicide Options for Fusarium Head Blight May 29, 2020

🕔May 29, 2020
Universities have recommended using group 3 fungicides Prosaro (prothioconazole plus tebuconazole) or Caramba (metconazole) applied at early anthesis (Feekes 10.5.1 or flowering) or within the first six days after flowering to combat […]

Ohio Wheat: Online Tool Helps Assess Scab Risk May 27, 2020

🕔May 27, 2020
The head scab risk tool can be used to assess the risk of head scab and to help guide fungicide application decisions. Here are a few guidelines for using the […]

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