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      Fertilizer Prices Rise, But Pace Slows Jan 7, 2022

      🕔Jan 7, 2022
      DTN writer Russ Quinn reported on Wednesday that, “Retail fertilizer prices continue to rise but at smaller percentages, according to prices for the last week of December 2021. “Only two fertilizers were up […]

      Mississippi: Discussing Fertilizer Products with Nutrien – Podcast Dec 28, 2021

      🕔Dec 28, 2021
      Mike Howell with Nutrien visits with Tom and Jason in Starkville as a Platinum sponsor of the 2021 Row Crop Short Course. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/zvfxds/MSRCSC_Nutrien_12-07-21.mp3

      Fertilizer: Global Issues to Blame for High Prices, Says Mosaic – DTN Dec 21, 2021

      🕔Dec 21, 2021
      The countervailing duties on Moroccan and Russian phosphate exports Mosaic pushed for earlier 2021 are not the reasons farmers are now seeing significantly higher fertilizer prices, according to a Mosaic […]

      Global Phosphorus Outlook Depends on When China Returns to Market – DTN Dec 15, 2021

      🕔Dec 15, 2021
      A worldwide pandemic, geopolitical rows and trade disputes dominated the news cycle for phosphorus (P) fertilizer in 2021. These various factors have limited nutrient supply somewhat, and with increasing fertilizer […]

      Global Nitrogen Demand Should Climb in 2022 – DTN Dec 13, 2021

      🕔Dec 13, 2021
      Despite significantly higher fertilizer prices across the globe throughout 2021, global nitrogen fertilizer demand appears to be set to increase in 2022. According to fertilizer analysts, demand destruction does not […]

      Duties Likely on Certain UAN Imports – DTN Dec 2, 2021

      🕔Dec 2, 2021
      As shocking as nitrogen fertilizer prices may seem to farmers right now, those price concerns did not sway the U.S. Commerce Department on Wednesday in a complaint filed by CF […]

      Fertilizer: Risk of “Spring Scramble” for Supplies Nov 30, 2021

      🕔Nov 30, 2021
      Last week, Reuters writer Rod Nickel reported that, “A global shortage of nitrogen fertilizer is driving prices to record levels, prompting North America’s farmers to delay purchases and raising the risk of a spring […]

      Corn: Will Production Costs Decrease After 2022? Nov 30, 2021

      🕔Nov 30, 2021
      Consumer costs in the U.S. have been increasing in a widespread incidence of inflation. Consistent with rising costs across many industries, the cost of producing corn will also increase in […]

      Indiana: Fertilizer – Thoughts on Profitable Application Rates Nov 4, 2021

      🕔Nov 4, 2021
      Fertilizer rate decisions have more potential impact on profits when soil test levels of a nutrient are deficient, because yield can be decreased by nutrient deficiency to an extent that […]

      Fertilizer: Tariffs Lead to Phosphate Shortage – DTN Nov 2, 2021

      🕔Nov 2, 2021
      Five agricultural groups have filed a court brief asking the U.S. Court of International Trade to overturn tariffs imposed on phosphate fertilizers from Morocco, arguing the tariffs have given Mosaic […]

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