Tennessee Corn: Fertilizer Recommendations for Optimal Productivity – Phosphorus May 26, 2021

🕔May 26, 2021
Phosphorus plays an important role in plant reproduction especially pollination and kernel setting. In adequate P can reduce stalk strength, delay crop maturity,  poor kernel set and lead to yield […]

Tennessee Corn: Fertilizer Recommendations for Optimal Productivity – Nitrogen May 26, 2021

🕔May 26, 2021
Nitrogen is a major component of chlorophyll (the green pigment), that is essential for photosynthesis. Hence, its deficiency tends to cause chlorosis. In addition, inadequate supply of N at critical […]

Nebraska: Starter Fertilizer — When is it Needed? Apr 28, 2021

🕔Apr 28, 2021
As planting season begins, farmers often question if starter fertilizer is providing yield and economic benefits. Starter fertilizer is defined as fertilizer applied with the specific purpose of helping the […]

Alabama: Evaluating Lime Sources – Video Apr 26, 2021

🕔Apr 26, 2021
Alabama Extension soil scientist Dr. Audrey Gamble and Extension Agent Eddie McGriff discuss the proposed new lime labeling laws working their way through the Alabama legislature that will make it […]

Minnesota Corn: Why You Shouldn’t Overreact to Rising Nitrogen Prices Apr 8, 2021

🕔Apr 8, 2021
The recent increase in fertilizer prices has created quite a buzz in the agricultural community. With the price of most types of nitrogen fertilizer doubling since fall, many corn growers […]

Mississippi: Fundamental Fertilizer Management for 2021 Apr 5, 2021

🕔Apr 5, 2021
Fertilizer prices are a trending topic of Plant 2021. Many, if not most row crop farmers in Mississippi and surrounding states address basic soil fertility needs either via fall applications […]

Iowa: Making Your Fertilizer Dollars Stretch as Prices Increase Mar 24, 2021

🕔Mar 24, 2021
Prices for soil fertility inputs have increased greatly in recent months. The bi-weekly “Iowa Production Cost Report” showed a 51% cost increase in anhydrous, a 31% increase for urea, 56% […]

Minnesota: 5 Tips to Reduce Fertilizer Costs This Spring Mar 24, 2021

🕔Mar 24, 2021
In talking with growers this winter, some have voiced concerns about planning for the 2021 cropping season with rising fertilizer prices. This is a good time to go back through […]

Michigan Soybeans: Phosphorus, Potassium Fertilizer Recommendations Mar 19, 2021

🕔Mar 19, 2021
The keys to maximizing the economic returns from phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer applications are a comprehensive soil testing program including a current soil test, and maintaining phosphorus and […]

Minnesota: N Inhibitors and Other Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers – Worth the Cost? Mar 17, 2021

🕔Mar 17, 2021
Enhanced efficiency fertilizers, such as nitrogen inhibitors and slow- and controlled-release products, are fertilizer that has been modified to reduce losses to the environment and increase nutrient availability. These products […]

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