Flint on Crops: Sustainability Is Not a Dirty Word – Commentary Nov 20, 2017

🕔Nov 20, 2017
Not very long after coming to work with the Extension Service I met one of the most colorful people of my entire career. He was not a native to the […]

Farm Business: Tax Reform Benefits and Drawbacks for 2018 – DTN Nov 14, 2017

🕔Nov 14, 2017
The U.S. Senate’s tax-reform bill released late Thursday would keep more tax brackets and maintain the estate tax, but also would still keep several tax provisions important to farmers regarding […]

Crop Choices, Farm Size: Changes in a Time of Low Corn, Soybean Prices Nov 8, 2017

🕔Nov 8, 2017
Recent news articles have documented that lower crop prices for commodities such as corn and soybeans have caused some producers to make changes to their traditional crop rotation, or to consider organic crop production […]

Flint on Crops: How Large or Small Is a “Farm”? – Commentary Nov 6, 2017

🕔Nov 6, 2017
The concept of scale is something that seems to come up in almost every part of our lives, and I suppose this has always been true. However, I think we […]

Texas: Growing Corn for College Scholarships – DTN Oct 30, 2017

🕔Oct 30, 2017
Graduates of a rural high school in the Texas Panhandle find lots of homegrown financial help as they graduate and move on to higher education. That’s due to the generosity […]

Farming in Sub-Sahara Africa: Solutions Often Don’t Match Needs – Commentary Sep 14, 2017

🕔Sep 14, 2017
Five weeks ago, we concluded an article on the loss of productive land in sub-Saharan Africa saying, “In the next column, we will examine other factors that have an impact on […]

Farmers and Health Insurance: Affordable Coverage is Out of Reach Jul 19, 2017

🕔Jul 19, 2017
According to a new U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded study, lack of access to affordable health insurance is one of the most significant concerns facing American farmers, an overlooked risk factor […]

Farm Family in Japan: More Similarities Than You Might Expect – DTN Jul 13, 2017

🕔Jul 13, 2017
When he’s not farming, he repairs roads. She has a part-time job in town. The adult son who lives with them is a wallpaper hanger. They help their daughter care […]

Flint on Crops: Farmers Have a Sixth Sense – Commentary Jun 5, 2017

🕔Jun 5, 2017
Farmers are special people with unique skills that provide them with an advantage not known to those who have not been blessed it. The recognition that this is true is […]

Illinois: How Hard Is It to Be Above Average in Farming? May 29, 2017

🕔May 29, 2017
Returns to farms vary from one year to next due to variation in prices, yields, and costs. Within a year, some farms will have higher returns than others. Over time, […]

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