Tom Vilsack Nominee to Return as Secretary of Agriculture – Commentary Jan 12, 2021

    🕔Jan 12, 2021
    The incoming Biden administration has announced that it will nominate Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture, a role he held for the 8 years of the Obama Administration. This announcement […]

    Minnesota: Fall Nitrogen Limits Protect Drinking Water – DTN Oct 20, 2020

    🕔Oct 20, 2020
    Nitrogen fertilizer application restrictions on crop ground went into effect in certain areas of Minnesota on Sept. 1. The Groundwater Protection Rule prohibits farmers from applying most forms of commercial […]

    A Farm Policy Dilemma: Base Acres, Planted Acres, and Ad Hoc Payments Sep 24, 2020

    🕔Sep 24, 2020
    Farm safety net payments that mitigate low farm income can encourage more production and thus more payments.  Since the 1996 farm bill, this fundamental farm safety net dilemma has been […]

    Payment Limitations: New Regs For An Old Problem – Gaming The System Aug 31, 2020

    🕔Aug 31, 2020
    On Monday, August 24, 2020, USDA implemented changes to the payment limitation and eligibility rules for federal farm payments enacted by Congress in the 2018 farm bill (Abbott August 24, 2020; […]

    Will Recent Payments Outside The Farm Bill Boost The Safety Net? Jul 30, 2020

    🕔Jul 30, 2020
    Since 1973, US farm program payments follow a process of moving from one regime or plateau to another, with the move occurring in a one to two year period.  Two […]

    Policy Pennings: Supply Management Won’t Reverse Export Trends Jul 28, 2020

    🕔Jul 28, 2020
    Though the 2018 Farm Bill has been in effect for just a year and a half, the ability of that legislation to address the current challenges facing agriculture (China’s response […]

    Corn, Soybeans: World Market Conditions Suggest Set-Asides Not an Effective Farm Policy Jul 13, 2020

    🕔Jul 13, 2020
    As set-asides are discussed as a farm policy alternative, the changing global nature of agricultural production needs to be considered.  As world production of corn and soybeans has increased significantly […]

    What Ag Economic Analysis Often Misses – Commentary Nov 20, 2019

    🕔Nov 20, 2019
    Even ignoring the impact of the current trade dispute with China, we are now in the 7th year of generally declining crop prices. In addition, significant trade adjustment payments and […]

    Southeast Texas Agriculture Summit, Houston, Dec. 11 Oct 17, 2019

    🕔Oct 17, 2019
    Hemp production in Texas and a look at emergency response following Tropical Storm Imelda will be featured topics at the Southeast Texas Agriculture Summit Dec. 11 at NRG Center, 3 […]

    Small Refinery Biofuel Waivers Stir Ire from Farm State Lawmakers Aug 20, 2019

    🕔Aug 20, 2019
    Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted 31 small refinery biofuel waivers for 2018, an action relating to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that has caused concern among […]


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