Farmland Values Stable For Now but Risks Linger – KC Fed Reserve

🕔Feb 15, 2019Farmland values in the Federal Reserve’s Tenth District held steady in the fourth quarter of 2018 despite risks to ongoing stability. While demand for farmland remained relatively strong across the […]

Ag Lenders to Politicians: Farmers Need Govt. Up and Running ASAP – DTN

🕔Jan 18, 2019CEOs of the three Farm Credit banks and the Farm Credit Council on Wednesday called on Congress and the Trump administration to reopen the government so that farmers can get […]

Ag Economy: Fed Reserve Reports Loan Repayment Decline

🕔Jan 4, 2019An update this week from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, as well as a short paper last month from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, provide insight into portions […]

Cotton: USDA Loans Available to Help Offset Delayed Ginning

🕔Dec 14, 2018This year’s adverse weather and increased cotton acres may mean it’s taking you a little longer to get your cotton ginned. USDA’s Farm Service Agency offers seed cotton recourse loans […]

Farm Income, Loan Repayments Down; Farmland Values Mostly Steady – Federal Reserve

🕔Nov 20, 2018Last week, the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Minneapolis released updates regarding farm income, farmland values and agricultural credit conditions from the third quarter of 2018. Today’s […]

USDA Lending Rates Increased from July

🕔Aug 1, 2018USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation has announced interest rates for August 2018. The Commodity Credit Corporation borrowing rate-based charge for August is 2.375 percent, up from 2.250 percent in July. The […]

Farm Lending: Kansas City Fed – Livestock Loans Increased

🕔Jul 25, 2018An update on Friday from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (“Large Loans for Livestock Drive Uptick in Farm Lending,” by Cortney Cowley and Ty Kreitman) stated that, “Farm lending activity increased […]

Peanuts: USDA Announces Loan Rates for 2018 Crop

🕔Jun 25, 2018USDA Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) today announced 2018-crop loan rates for four types of peanuts. Eligible producers can obtain peanut loans through their local FSA county offices or alternative delivery […]

Dealer Financing: What Are Those Interest Rates You’re Paying?

🕔May 17, 2018In a previous article, we estimated that implement dealers provided 27% of the agricultural sector’s long term non-real estate debt in 2016 (farmdoc daily, May 9, 2008). This post examines the […]

Farm Equipment Dealers Have Growing Share of Loan Market

🕔May 10, 2018Farmers rely on external debt capital to finance their capital base, to conduct marketing and production activities, and to provide a valuable source of liquidity in responding to risk. Farmers […]

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