Georgia Corn: Irrigation Malfunctions Common in Hot, Dry Summer

🕔Aug 6, 2019During a summer when Georgia corn farmers have relied heavily on their irrigation systems working effectively, many struggled with equipment malfunctions that may have reduced crop yields. University of Georgia […]

Farm Equipment Sales Stabilize in U.S., Sharp Declines in Canada

🕔Jun 12, 2019As the trade wars continue to wage in the United States, farm equipment sales numbers mirror the uncertainty within the industry. U.S. sales saw minimal growth in most categories while […]

Farm Safety: Extracting Farm Machinery from Muddy Fields

🕔Sep 13, 2018Weather continues to change and impact field conditions this time of year. Rain, snow, and ice can complicate a day’s work in the field when soil becomes water logged. Often […]

Buying Equipment: Does Dealer Financing Make It Riskier in a Downturn?

🕔May 29, 2018In a series of recent articles, we show that farmers’ use of implement dealer financing has increased substantially since 2003. Implement dealers currently provide nearly one-third of the agricultural sector’s […]

Farm Equipment Dealers Have Growing Share of Loan Market

🕔May 10, 2018Farmers rely on external debt capital to finance their capital base, to conduct marketing and production activities, and to provide a valuable source of liquidity in responding to risk. Farmers […]

Georgia: Farm Again Program Tractors Workshop, Tifton, April 26

🕔Apr 17, 2018University of Georgia Farm Again program instructors will host a workshop to introduce potential farmers to tractors and how to safely operate them. The Tractors 101 event will be held […]

Nebraska: Tractor Test Lab Works to Improve Performance, Fuel Efficiency

🕔Mar 27, 2018New research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is bringing tractor testing into the modern era. Though tractor technology has changed rapidly, the testing techniques used on the machines have not […]

Senate Tax Bill Hits $1 Trillion Snag – DTN

🕔Dec 4, 2017The vaunted Senate tax-cutting bill appeared to be sailing through on Thursday until a small number of GOP senators raised concerns over $1 trillion in added debt over the next […]

Farm Equipment Maintenance: Time to Check the Coolant System

🕔Dec 4, 2017The seasonal slowdown is underway, at least for some of the farm’s rolling stock and motorized equipment. This does not equate to an idle period for the farm manager, who […]

Farm Equipment: A Black John Deere? German Factory Tour – DTN

🕔Nov 16, 2017I met Saskatchewan farmers Fred Butuk and Eduard Bomers last Friday at the entry to the John Deere tractor factory in Mannheim, Germany. We were there for a factory tour: […]

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