Iowa Farm Income Appears Higher, but Farm Values Decline Sep 25, 2019

🕔Sep 25, 2019
The “2018 Iowa Farm Costs and Returns” analysis is now available, and despite a slight increase in net farm income last year, farmers saw another year of tight margins and […]

Farm Balance Sheet: Debt/Asset Ratio and Interest Expense Ratio Sep 24, 2019

🕔Sep 24, 2019
Solvency from a financial perspective and in simple terms measures the amount of debt relative to net worth on an individual farmer’s balance sheet.  Lenders obviously charge interest on loans […]

Illinois: Trends in Farm Balance Sheets Over Time Mar 15, 2018

🕔Mar 15, 2018
Trends in the financial position of Illinois farms are presented in this article. Overall, farms gained financial strength from 2006 to 2012. Since 2012, working capital has declined. The net […]

Farm Finances: Stress Testing Performance Mar 4, 2016

🕔Mar 4, 2016
Stress testing describes a range of techniques that can be used to access the vulnerability of a firm’s balance sheet and income statement to changes in prices, production, or financing. […]

Back-to-Back Low Returns Bound to Raise Flags with Farm Lenders – DTN May 14, 2015

🕔May 14, 2015
Credit conflicts are on the rise. Some of the reasons are obvious: tighter margins, a series of drought in some regions of the country, elimination of several farm program direct […]

Documentation of Farm Assets, Contracts Aids Survivors — DTN Jul 18, 2014

🕔Jul 18, 2014
It’s a simple question: What do we own? That’s what Rebecca Crownover, who inherited farm assets she and her husband acquired through six years of marriage for their family’s diversified […]

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