Minnesota: Is Tillage a Fertilizer Best Management Practice? Nov 21, 2019

🕔Nov 21, 2019
With fall winding down and the hard winter freeze setting in, growers may be asking if fall tillage is an option for some fields. While there are pros and cons […]

Minnesota: Irrigation, Nutrient Management Field Day, Becker, Aug. 15 Jul 31, 2019

🕔Jul 31, 2019
The Becker Irrigation and Nutrient Management Field Day will take place on Wednesday, August 21st at the Becker Sand Plain Research Farm. Register online by August 15th here. On the […]

Minnesota Corn: How Have Wet Conditions Affected Nitrogen Loss? May 28, 2019

🕔May 28, 2019
Over the last several years, we have noticed that wet springs are becoming the norm. In addition to keeping us out of the field at a critical time, these wet […]

Minnesota Corn: Planting or Nitrogen – Which Comes First in Wet Spring? Apr 24, 2019

🕔Apr 24, 2019
Wet conditions last fall and this spring have limited the number of acres that received nitrogen in preparation for the upcoming growing season. This creates the challenging dilemma of whether […]

Minnesota Corn: Nitrogen Recommendations Updated Mar 29, 2019

🕔Mar 29, 2019
The corn nitrogen guidelines recommended by the University of Minnesota have recently been updated to include data from 2017 and 2018. The current guidelines use the Maximum Return to Nitrogen […]

Minnesota: Soil Fertility – Dispelling Myths – Podcast Dec 20, 2018

🕔Dec 20, 2018
On this podcast, Fabian Fernandez, Dan Kaiser, and Carl Rosen explain what’s fact or fiction in statements such as “plants prefer organic sources of nutrients because they are more available,” […]

Minnesota: Tips for Fall Fertilizer Applications – Podcast Oct 29, 2018

🕔Oct 29, 2018
This fall has been wet and now soil temperatures are beginning to cool. What is your plan for fall fertilizer and manure application? Dan Kaiser, Fabian Fernandez, Chryseis Modderman, and […]

Minnesota Corn: Consider Options Before Applying Fall Nitrogen Oct 18, 2018

🕔Oct 18, 2018
Farmers are some of the hardest working people I know. Many highway drivers seeing fields harvested as they travel may think, “farmers are done for the year.” For farmers, the […]

Minnesota Corn: Nitrogen Credits – How Will Soybeans, Cover Crops Affect Next Season? Oct 5, 2018

🕔Oct 5, 2018
With a wet growing season in some areas of the Midwest, we’ve received a lot of questions about nitrogen credits in 2019. Here’s a look at how soybean and cover […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management – What is Cation Exchange Capacity? – Podcast Oct 1, 2018

🕔Oct 1, 2018
We’ve heard a lot of questions about cation exchange capacity, base saturation and what that means for N and K applications. Dan Kaiser, Carl Rosen, Brad Carlson and Fabian Fernandez […]

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