Farm Lobbies Reiterate Support for Pacific Trade Deal – DTN Nov 12, 2015

🕔Nov 12, 2015
Agriculture seems to be the one industry where different sectors are coalescing around support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Even as other business lobbies are taking a more wait-and-see attitude, leaders […]

Soybeans: Exports Expected to Pick Up Due to Chinese Demand – DTN Oct 14, 2015

🕔Oct 14, 2015
Soybean export sales and shipments may have gotten off to the slowest start since the 2011-12 marketing year, but China’s recent soybean purchase reaffirms that the world’s largest soybean buyer […]

Soybeans: Why the Big Cut to Export Estimates? – DTN Oct 12, 2015

🕔Oct 12, 2015
USDA on Friday cut projected U.S. soy exports another 50 million bushels, to 1.675 billion bushels. With revisions to the old-crop balance sheet, USDA is now expecting U.S. shipments to […]

World Grain Markets: U.S. Exports Expecting Lowest Drop Since 1971 Oct 9, 2015

🕔Oct 9, 2015
U.S. 2015/16 marketing year exports (June-May) are forecast to drop to the lowest level since 1971/72 because of high relative prices, abundant competitor supplies, and a strong U.S. dollar. International […]

Export Inspections: Corn and Wheat Bearish, Soybeans Bullish – DTN Oct 5, 2015

🕔Oct 5, 2015
Corn and wheat inspections were bearish, and soybean inspections were bullish in this week’s export inspections report, according to DTN Analyst Todd Hultman. Corn weekly export inspections were 18.5 mb […]

Biotech: Senators Urge Talks with Chinese President – DTN Sep 25, 2015

🕔Sep 25, 2015
A bipartisan group of 42 senators wrote President Barack Obama on Thursday urging him to make biotechnology a priority when talking to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is expected to […]

Soybeans: China Buying, No Telling Where Next Purchase Will Be – DTN Sep 15, 2015

🕔Sep 15, 2015
Just one year ago, USDA estimated U.S. ending soybean stocks for 2014-15 at a hefty 475 million bushels, based on 3.583 billion bushels of total use. As DTN Senior Analyst […]

Rice: China to Accept U.S. Imports with New Agreement Sep 14, 2015

🕔Sep 14, 2015
Officials from the United States and the Peoples’ Republic of China will sign a phytosanitary protocol during the week of September 21st when Chinese President Xi Jinping leads a delegation […]

Good on Grain: Corn, Soybean Exports Finishing Strong Sep 8, 2015

🕔Sep 8, 2015
The 2014-15 marketing year for corn and soybeans ended on August 31. Final estimates of total consumption during the marketing year and the magnitude of year ending stocks will be […]

Biotech: Hopes of Revisiting Issues Between U.S. and China – DTN Sep 8, 2015

🕔Sep 8, 2015
Agricultural industry groups are hoping a visit to the U.S. later this month by Chinese President Xi Jinping will reboot talks between the U.S. and China over improving biotech trait […]

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