Moving Grain: Barges Resume Operations After Winter Storms Feb 26, 2021

🕔Feb 26, 2021
Grain Barges Resume Operations After Severe Winter Weather Last week, ice storms and other severe weather temporarily halted barge operations on the Mississippi River around St. Louis, as well as […]

Moving Grain: Flooding Continues to Impact River Traffic Apr 25, 2019

🕔Apr 25, 2019
Flooding Continues to Impact River Traffic Much of the Mississippi River remains impacted by this year’s on-going flooding. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, river levels are receding […]

Moving Grain: Flood Disruptions Continue; Ocean Freight Rates Low Apr 18, 2019

🕔Apr 18, 2019
Bulk Ocean Freight Rates Remain Relatively Low As of April 11, 2019, the rate for shipping a metric ton (mt) of grain from the U.S. Gulf to Japan was $42.00. […]

Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Slowed by Flooding Along Upper Mississippi Oct 18, 2018

🕔Oct 18, 2018
Flooding Conditions Still Impacting Barge Traffic on Upper Mississippi River As of October 17, rain in the central U.S. caused flooding that closed 7 locks on the upper Mississippi River. […]

Moving Grain: Barge Rates Surge Due to River Traffic Disruptions Sep 28, 2017

🕔Sep 28, 2017
Barge Rates Surge As Adverse Navigation Conditions Disrupt River Traffic On September 26, spot barge rates for export grain from major originating areas increased 27 to 50 percent compared to […]

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