Ohio: Crop Returns Outlook – Final Enterprise Budgets for 2022 Jun 1, 2022

    🕔Jun 1, 2022
    Higher input costs and higher crop prices have been the theme for the last several months. Higher production costs in 2021 gave way to even higher costs for the 2022 […]

    Arkansas Rice: The Acreage Debate Continues Mar 25, 2022

    🕔Mar 25, 2022
    There’s nothing good to say about the rice acreage outlook as of late.  Continued changes in the market related to commodity price competition and input prices still have things in […]

    Mississippi: Growers Must Manage 2022 High Input Costs Jan 14, 2022

    🕔Jan 14, 2022
    High fertilizer prices continue to be a hot topic any time farm professionals gather, but now is not the first time costs have doubled or even tripled for some crop […]

    Arkansas: 2022 Crop Enterprise Budgets Now Available Online Dec 23, 2021

    🕔Dec 23, 2021
    The 2022 crop enterprise budgets from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture are now available online here. The budgets, a set of planning tools popular with farmers, consultants […]

    Louisiana: Farm Finances – Tools  for Farmers to Monitor Their Bottom Lines Nov 11, 2021

    🕔Nov 11, 2021
    With agricultural input costs on a rapid rise and the volatility of current commodity markets, farmers are having to tighten their belts to stay in the black. To navigate the […]

    Michigan: Enterprise Budgets Are Useful Tools – Especially During Uncertain Times Nov 4, 2021

    🕔Nov 4, 2021
    The current market, with rising input prices and potential downward pressure on output prices, is stressful. Given this “squeeze” your farm might be experiencing, and to predict future profitability, it […]

    Ohio Corn, Soybean, Wheat: Enterprise Budgets – Projected Returns for 2021 May 28, 2021

    🕔May 28, 2021
    What a difference a year makes! The crop margin outlook for this year is decidedly different from where we were last year at this time. Factors affecting both supply and […]

    Arkansas: Enterprise Crop Budgets Available for 2021 Nov 11, 2020

    🕔Nov 11, 2020
    Arkansas farmers planning for next year’s crops can now access most of the 2021 enterprise budgets developed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Budgets are available for […]

    South Carolina Corn: Bumper Crop Predicted for 2020 Dec 20, 2019

    🕔Dec 20, 2019
    Given increased acres and a return to trend yields, agricultural economists say the corn outlook for 2020 is for a potential bumper crop that could drive down market prices while […]

    Georgia Growers Try to Decide What to Plant, How Much Mar 1, 2019

    🕔Mar 1, 2019
    Due to losses suffered during the last growing season and new tariffs, Georgia farmers are facing a sense of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming production season, according to University of Georgia […]


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