Grain Market: Storage Bin Investment, Think Long-Term – DTN

🕔Feb 15, 2019“There are only 8 cents of carry out to the May futures contract; how am I supposed to go to my banker and justify putting up new grain bins just […]

Commodity Price Movements And The Theory Of Convenience

🕔Jan 2, 2019How much should a commodity be worth, say, 6 months from now? Like most economic questions, this one has spawned an academic theory, and like a lot of theories, it […]

Corn, Soybean Marketing: What Should You Do Differently in 2019? – DTN

🕔Dec 7, 2018Stacking up scale tickets, checking bushel totals against acreage maps, filing elevator assembly sheets into folders, signing contracts, depositing checks, and ultimately, seeing the end-of-year balance on an operating loan. […]

Soybean Prices: Yuck – But Look at Corn Futures! – DTN

🕔Sep 14, 2018Soybean prices — yuck. The National Soybean Index, an average of all the cash bids collected by DTN across the country each day, was $7.32 per bushel Tuesday. It’s all […]

Grain Market History: When Did Politics Take Over? – DTN

🕔May 25, 2018Since early April, when a threat began to loom of retaliatory 25% tariffs on U.S. soybeans imported to China, the Chicago soybean futures market plummeted nearly 60 cents. It has […]

WASDE Reports Offer Broader Look at Crops – DTN

🕔Apr 12, 2018Tuesday morning’s monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates from USDA — and their reception by the market — were an altogether quieter matter than the Prospective Plantings report issued […]

Grain Market Folklore, Multi-Year Patterns: Are They Helpful? – DTN

🕔Apr 2, 2018Perhaps, sitting in a bar one evening, a friend told you that corn yields tend to be great during years that end in “6.” Or perhaps you’ve heard of the […]

Wheat, Drought And Markets – Time To Push The Panic Button On HRW? – DTN

🕔Mar 15, 2018Wheat futures have rallied lately, ostensibly driven by drought conditions in the Southern Plains of the United States. Sure enough, it’s the KC wheat contracts representing hard red winter wheat […]

Understanding Commodity Markets One Consumer At A Time – DTN

🕔Jan 3, 2018My New Year’s resolution is to eat more beef. It’s not that I don’t already eat enough of the stuff; it’s just that I suddenly have a need to draw […]

Grain Market: Bitcoin and Blockchains Related to Commodity Trading – DTN

🕔Nov 10, 2017Soon it will be as easy for a large pension fund to trade bitcoin as it is to trade corn. The CME group announced last week it would open a […]

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