Iowa Corn: Mycotoxins and Crop Deterioration Oct 18, 2018

🕔Oct 18, 2018
Above normal rains in September have slowed field crop dry-down. Coupled with early season drought in South Central and Southeast Iowa and above-average rainfall in the Northwest, there is high […]

Nebraska Corn: Stalk, Grain Quality Decline in Wet Weather Oct 17, 2018

🕔Oct 17, 2018
Stalk and ear rot diseases continue to become more evident in many cornfields across Nebraska where prolonged periods of wet weather have delayed corn harvest. Producers should monitor for diseases […]

Iowa Corn: Mycotoxins Smartphone App Available Oct 11, 2018

🕔Oct 11, 2018
With all eyes now on harvested grain quality and scouting for mycotoxins as a result of ear rot, it’s important that producers and agronomists have access to all the information possible, […]

Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Crop Quality Hurt by Rains Oct 8, 2018

🕔Oct 8, 2018
This year continues the chain of years with unusual harvest conditions driven by rapid weather changes in the latter part of the growing season. In mid August, crops were significantly ahead […]

Michigan Corn: Are There Molds, Mycotoxins in Your Crop? Oct 5, 2018

🕔Oct 5, 2018
Farmers familiar with mycotoxins in corn grain or silage should be scouting their fields to see if there are potential problems lurking ahead. Many may think mycotoxins are an isolated […]

Michigan Corn: Reducing Impact of Mycotoxins Oct 5, 2018

🕔Oct 5, 2018
With corn grain harvest quickly approaching in Michigan, consider your risk of mycotoxins this year. With a wetter than normal August and September through much of Michigan, risk of mycotoxins […]

Pennsylvania Corn: Ear Rots and Mycotoxins Sep 28, 2018

🕔Sep 28, 2018
Excessive rain and concomitant high humidity have been the hallmark for this growing season, and with corn harvest approaching, there are concerns about ear rots and the risk of mycotoxin […]

Ohio Corn: Telling Ear Rots Apart Aug 28, 2018

🕔Aug 28, 2018
Over the last few weeks, we have received samples with at least four different types of ear rots – Diplodia, Gibberella, Fusarium, and Trichoderma. Of these, Diplodia ear rot seems to […]

Pennsylvania Corn: Avoiding Mycotoxins in Grain and Silage Aug 10, 2018

🕔Aug 10, 2018
In Pennsylvania and the surrounding region, growers often face challenges brought on by persistent moist conditions and other weather factors. One of these challenges include corn ear and stalk rots, […]

Texas Corn: Fumonisin Levels and Insect Damage Oct 10, 2017

🕔Oct 10, 2017
I am not smart enough to be a Plant Pathologist, and in fact had two courses in it in college and still don’t understand it. The classic “disease triangle” taught […]

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