Rice Update: Market Continues to Firm Despite Bearish Reports

🕔Apr 13, 2018The rice industry has thus far kept its head down and predominately out of the turmoil impacting other grain markets over the past week. During that time, it has continued to […]

Rice Market: USDA Reports Moved the Market

🕔Mar 29, 2018After weeks of stagnation, the rice market has finally gotten an influx of new information from the USDA reports released on Thursday of this week.  In the “normal” reports, export sales were […]

Rice Update: Gulf Coast Crop 50% Planted; Good Week for Exports

🕔Mar 26, 2018The rice industry continues to weather the market doldrums that follow with both the timing of the marketing cycle and also the general lack of rice in first hands left […]

Rice Update: All Eyes on USDA Prospective Plantings Report

🕔Mar 16, 2018Another slow week has passed in the rice market with very little news to report at this time. Cash markets remain very quiet as there is little left to trade, particularly […]

Rice Update: Weekly Export Sales Up 62% From Previous Week

🕔Mar 2, 2018Slow and steady, quiet and bereft of news, the mantra of the current rice industry movements holds true for yet another week. Most of the market has remained virtually unchanged from […]

Rice Update: Muted Market Tone Persists with Weakened Demand

🕔Feb 23, 2018The rice market has maintained its muted tone over the past week as has been anticipated by most in the trade and few hold strong expectations that the current situation […]

Rice Update: Market Upside Potential Appears Strong

🕔Feb 5, 2018The rice market has seen some marginal cooling off since the last report with some underlying factors taking a break from the significant upturn noted in the previous reports.  Export […]

Rice Update: Bullish Undertones in a Quiet Market

🕔Jan 29, 2018The rice market has remained very quiet over the past week, although the bullish undertones remain and if anything, have strengthened. The export sales report for the week reported yet lower […]

Rice Quality: Something Has to Change Because ‘Our Bins Are Too Full’ – Commentary

🕔Dec 16, 2016My grandmother lived alone, worked outside of her house as a foster grandparent at a children’s orphanage, worked daily in her garden, cooked everything from scratch, hosted quilting parties, played […]

Rice Market: Glut on the Market, 2017 Planting Intentions Big Question Mark

🕔Oct 29, 2016It has been a temperate week in the rice industry following on the heels of last week’s roller-coaster ride. To say that the market was muted might possibly be an […]



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