NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Oct., Nov., Dec. Sep 17, 2021

🕔Sep 17, 2021
ENSO-neutral conditions (leaning cooler than normal) are present in the tropical Pacific Ocean with an increased likelihood for La Niña development during the October-Novemeber-December (OND) season, with a 70-80% chance […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – September Sep 4, 2021

🕔Sep 4, 2021
Drought continued to plague almost the entire western half of the contiguous United States during August, and while conditions gradually worsened across the northern tier, upper Midwest, central Plains, and […]

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Sept., Oct., Nov. Aug 21, 2021

🕔Aug 21, 2021
Widespread severe (D2) to exceptional (D4) drought continues across much of the West, Northern Great Plains, and Upper Mississippi Valley. Drought intensified for parts of California, the Pacific Northwest, Northern […]

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Aug., Sept., Oct. Aug 4, 2021

🕔Aug 4, 2021
During the last four weeks, below-normal precipitation and an unprecedented heat wave in the Northwest abetted drought expansion and intensification in the West. At mid-July 2021, drought covered the Upper […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – July Jul 3, 2021

🕔Jul 3, 2021
During June, widespread heavy rainfall across western Texas, eastern New Mexico, and eastern Colorado brought drought relief, while substantial drought expansion occurred across the northwestern quadrant of the CONUS under […]

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – July, Aug., Sept. Jun 18, 2021

🕔Jun 18, 2021
Hot, dry weather continued to exacerbate drought conditions across the West, where close to 90 percent of the Western Climate Region is currently experiencing drought conditions, and more than 50 […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – June Jun 4, 2021

🕔Jun 4, 2021
Heavy precipitation over the south-central CONUS during May is likely to result in either drought removal or improvement across central Texas and Oklahoma. Persistence is likely for western Texas and […]

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – June, July, Aug. May 21, 2021

🕔May 21, 2021
Drought improved across parts of Texas, northeastern Colorado, central Wyoming and the Northeast in the past month due to heavy rainfall, while drought developed or intensified in many parts of […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – May Apr 30, 2021

🕔Apr 30, 2021
Heavy precipitation during late April and into the beginning of May is likely to result in either drought removal or improvement across northeast Colorado along with central to eastern Texas. […]

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – May, June, July Apr 16, 2021

🕔Apr 16, 2021
Drought expanded or intensified across much of Texas and the Dakotas since March due to increasing precipitation deficits along with periods of enhanced winds. Persistence is favored for most of […]

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